WEN 6524

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WEN 6524

WEN 6502T

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WEN 6502T

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WEN 6524

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WEN 6502T

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Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
Color Family
Voltage (volts)
Power Tool Features
No Tool Disc/Pad Change, Lockout Power Switch, No Tool Belt Change
Lock On Switch, Lockout Power Switch
Tools Product Type
Power Tool
Power Tool
Amperage (amps)
4.3 A
Bench & Stationary Tool Type
Belt & Spindle Combo Sander
Cord Length (ft.)
Variable Speed
Dust collection type
Maximum belt sanding speed (ft./min.)
Minimum belt sanding speed (ft./min.)
Cordless/ Corded
Corded Tool Type
Belt Sander
Minimum speed (ft./min.)
Maximum speed (ft./min.)
Belt length

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Two-year limited
Two-year limited
Certifications and Listings
CSA Certified
UL Listed


Product Height (in.)
12.5 in
Product Width (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Belt table width (in.)
Belt width (in.)
Belt table length (in.)
Belt length (in.)
Spindle table length (in.)
Belt width


WEN 6524

See price WEN 6524

This works well. It does what you expect of it. The knurled nut atop the belt attachment spindle self tightens too much to be hand removed. Pliers are required. Assembly instructions are fair. There is a white washer below the spindle drum that I can't seem to find its proper use in the instructions...

Its a good machine. Gets the job done.

Build quality seems decent for the price point. It's been working well for me.

The sander works great. Shipping was fast and the sander was packed very well. Set up was fast and easy. Once I started to use it, it became very noticable this sander is very noisey. It is allot noisier then the Ridgid it replaced. Another thing that I didn't notice until I set it up, there is no m...

Easy to use. Good product.

I did not know the belt sander osculated also. Not exactly what I was looking for but is workable. The sander is a nice one and works well.

This a great sander, out of the box set was very easy and it works great. It has met all of my expectations.

Easy to use and looks to be good quality at a reasonable price point for DIYers.

Works great

To my knowledge the manual instruction is not completed and easy to follow, as far as the machine goes I am happy.

WEN 6502T

See price WEN 6502T

This sander is everything I expected it to be. I think it is well priced and I am currently very satisfied.

Very simple to set up, very powerful sander. Comes with about 80 grit paper installed, hold on tight to small pieces or they will be ripped out of your hand. Instructions a little vague, better illustrations of best way to sand different size pieces would be helpful. Keep direction of spin in mind w...

Great machine! I like it. I used it for sanding metals.

I am overall pleased with the sander. The only negative I have is the side table with the six inch disk. The table has play when adjustment is fully tight, and the slide miter fence has side to side movement in the slot. The positives are it has ample power, the adjustments are simple and easy. So f...

So far so good, used this approximately dozen times in the last month or so and it works great!! Easy to assemble, easy to use. I believe it was a good purchase at a good price. Makes sanding smaller and hard to hold items so much easier and faster than using hand held sanders. Would recommend this...

Saves a lot of time and money plus expands my abilities to create.

I received a gift card and needed a disc sander. So I figured I was geeting a good deal at half the price. Out of the box it was plug and go so to speak. I used for several hours on maple wood and it worked perfect. I was going to go to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap sander, but I'm glad I bought t...

This sander has power and the belt keeps track. This is a heavy tool that was made of metal and not plastic. When I first used this sander I was impressed with it's performance. No bog down and the belt did not slip. Made in the US is a great plus.

Fine machine. For the price this machine has been fine for me. It has handled any work I've thrown at it so far.

I have only been using the product for about a month so far. I use this product on a daily basis and have gone through several over the past few years. I tried a different sander this time because the last brand I bought was only lasting about 6 months each. I would recommend this product to anyone...

Questions & Answers

WEN 6524

See price WEN 6524

One question about table top material was answered that it's made of plastic. A second question o...

Plastic. I own one. This thing is heavy duty and works great.

I take back my original answer. I checked the website. They have upgraded and it is now made of aluminum.

The table top is plastic as is most of the housing itself.

It's metal with a powder coat. It's the same as the Rigid sander, just painted black instead of grey. It's very very solid. You need not worry.

Does the oscillating function on all the time or can it be turned off when running the drum and b...

The oscillating function is on all the time. That is one of the benefits of this product. jerry

Vertical oscillation is always active but it's generally a good thing and keeps you from wearing uneven streaks. Just keep an eye on the bottom edge that does rise the belt up above the deck at the extreme end of its travel.

There is no way to turn the oscillation off.

always oscilates

Always on

specs say it is variable speed. is this accurate?

No. The speed on this sander is not variable. Because it oscillates it cannot be variable speed.

Tell you the truth, I have never adjusted the speed on it. The hardest thing about this sander is the adjustment when you put the belt sander attachment. It wants to walk off but it is easily adjusted. I have had this sander for over a year and I am pleasantly impressed with it for the money I spent.

No, it is not variable speed

No, that's not accurate. The label on the side says the spindle speed is 0 to 2000 RPM, but there are really only two speeds -- off and on. I double checked the manual, and there's no mention of speed adjustment.

Nope. It only varies between on and off. That being said, I've yet to encounter a situation using it where I even thought of, let alone wished for, variable speed. Your needs may be different but that's been my experience.

No, this model is not variable speed.


Does it have a port to receive a vacuum system.

yes, 1.5" vacuum line...

Yes. The vacuum port is on the left side and I believe is the female half of a standard 1.25" shop vac sleeve fitting. The bigger the vac draw, the better it will work but I would still anticipate throwing a decent amount of dust and debris around due to the horizontal arrangement of the belt.

It does.

WEN 6502T

See price WEN 6502T

Are the sanding discs attached with Velcro or stick-um?

Quite honestly I don't think Velcro Tape would work on a disk sander. The surface of the sanding disk needs to be hard and flat. Velcro Tape would give you a soft surface that the wood being sanded could catch on and rip the sanding paper off. But to answer your question, no it doesn't use Velcro tape I doubt any disk sanders do.

It's is a tacky adhesive on the sanding discs.

They are the stick on discs. Never had a problem with them coming off.

They have a gummy adhesive which holds tightly. You have to pry the disc off with a thin putty knife to change.

with stickum

The sanding disks are hardly stuck with double adhesive tape. The only way I found to change them is the use of hot air. This way it works pretty easy.

You must use an adhesive to attach the sanding disks.

the discs are not hook and loop (velcro) and are attached with adhesive/stick-um or other spray adhesive