WEN 56203i

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WEN 56203i

WEN 56200i

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WEN 56200i

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WEN 56203i

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WEN 56200i

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Engine Displacement (cc)
Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
39 lb
50 lb
Engine Make
OEM Branded Engine
OEM Branded Engine
Start Type
Recoil Start
Recoil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Auto Idle Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Low Oil Shutdown, USB Port
Auto Idle Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Muffler, Fuel Gauge
CA (CARB) Compliant
CARB Compliant
CARB Compliant
Color Family
Voltage (volts)
120 V
120 V
No Additional Items Included
Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench
Power/Fuel Type
Operational Volume (dB)
Horsepower (hp)
2.14 hp
Starting Wattage
Half-Load Run Time
Fuel Technology
Single Fuel
Single Fuel
Campsite, Job Site, Recreation, Tailgating
Campsite, Job Site, Recreation, Tailgating
Suggested Uses
Battery Charger, Bench Tools, Halogen Work Light, Large Appliances, Lights, Mobile Devices, Power Tools, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Sump Pump, Well Pump
Battery Charger, Bench Tools, Halogen Work Light, Large Appliances, Lights, Mobile Devices, Power Tools, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Small Electronics, Sump Pump, Well Pump
Full load fuel consumption (gallons/hour)
CO Shutoff Capable
Number of Outlets
Built-in inverter
Running Wattage
Outlet Type
12V DC, 120V
120V 13.3A

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Two-year limited
2 Year Warranty
Certifications and Listings
No Certifications or Listings
EPA Approved


Product Height (in.)
17.7 in
18 in
Product Width (in.)
11.5 in
11 in
Product Length (in.)
17.3 in
18 in


WEN 56203i

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The more I use it the more I realize it is way better than 1st impressions, and I was impressed at first sight! I filled the oil with synthetic oil, it takes 1/2 qt, and it is a very durable oil for a variety of conditions. After I use it for a couple hours at full load, or close. I will change the...

Nicely built unit. Easy setup, easy startup. Integral handle makes it easy to carry, like a hefty piece of luggage. No wheels. Does not come with crankcase oil. Oil requirements are pretty liberal - 30W, 10W-30 or 5W-30 synthetic. Good funnel with long flexible tube included. Tricky part comes in wh...

Went on a limb and bought this generator with zero reviews.Figured it would be a decent one since other Wen models had excellent reviews.Turns out this thing exceeded every expectation I had.It is very very quiet and to my surprise it even has electric start.Came with a battery that is ready to go a...

Nice and quiet

So I have been using this little gen for about 3 months daily. I use it to keep my rv batteries charged. We live in this fulltime so we run the heck out of this. The things I like about it are how easy it starts. along with how easy maintance is on it. Along with we can get about 12 hrs on a tank of...

Great generator! Very quiet easy to start.I sold my Honda because I like the Wenbetter. I bought a dog ramp to get it on and off my 4x4 rolls excellent.Thanks from a Vietnam Veteran Dennis J

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the simple nature of the product and its light weight. The unit was packaged very well and slid out easily. All that was required to fire this up was a quart of oil and some regular gasoline. Filling the fluids was simple and not messy at all. This...

Great little generator.Starts easy and shuts down easy.I used it the first time to get temporary power to a house while we changed the service. So it ran all the lights and receptacles for the carpenters saws when all the utility power was off. We did keep the loads to a minimum.

Great generator, nice features, almost as quiet as the predator 3500, nicer features though! Fires right up every time and easily runs my rv with everything turned on

Excellent product. This is my 3rd WEN generator and I’ve never had a single problem with any of them. Highly recommend.

WEN 56200i

See price WEN 56200i

Great little generator. When I received it, it came with everything I would need, including a Phillips head screw driver to take off the side panel to get to the oil, also a small funnel and a long plastic tube to make putting oil in it effortless. I added the oil (the oil cap had a dip stick attach...

Pro: has fuel guage, quiet Con: changing oil could be less messy

upon delivery gassed up installed oil started second pull very east to start gas guage a plus weight isint to bad at about 50 ibs more than enough wattage for campind and best is quiet so no problems with fellow campers

Wanted a generator for the club I am a member of. They have a ridiculously stringent policy on generators, 65 decibels at 17 feet. I was told by many members and the clubs board members, that the only generators that ever passed the test were Honda, and Yamaha. So when I showed up for the testing...

The best thing is the one pull start after you have run this the first time. The first time took three pulls obviously because there was no gas in the generator when it was new, but after that, one pull and she starts right up. Quiet, compact, great unit. I've ordered a second one with the parallel...

I bought this for a week long dispersed camping trip in Wyoming where I would have no power. It worked like a champ! It was as quiet as other campers Honda and Yamaha. It starts on first pull. Eco mode is nice. Very happy with this unit.

Nice generator, easy to use, fairly light and quite.

Very quiet and efficient. Runs my camper lights no problem with maximum loads.

Quiet, could not tell the difference in noise level from the Honda. Starts on first pull, great generator for half the price of a Honda.I did not like the location of the oil filler/dipstick. It was difficult to fill with oil and to check oil level, otherwise a good deal.

this generator is not quiet, end of story.

Questions & Answers

WEN 56203i

See price WEN 56203i

can it be star manually?

Yes, It does have a pull cord.

Yes it has a pull start and is very light. mine started on the first pull.

how quiet is it

This generator is very quiet.

You can hold a conversation at speaking volumes while standing beside it running.

It's very quiet. Normal conversation standing just 5 feet away from it is easy to understand.

Is the crankcase made out of plastic? Is it plastic on other models?

You can't really see the crankcase to tell, as it is shrouded completely. Whether plastic or metal, it is protected against mild strikes by the case. The unit runs cool enough that a plastic case shouldn't be trouble. Best I can do, 'cause I ain't takin' mine apart to know! :)

No. It's aluminum.

Is there an engine break-in time?

Super quiet and light weight. Great product so far no complaints

The manual doesn't speak to this too much. I made sure to adjust the load regularly during the first few uses and I changed the oil after the first 30 minutes, just incase any impurities found their way into the crankcase during shipping/production. Use a good, high quality oil.

WEN 56200i

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What is the amp output? 20 amp, 30 amp, 50 amp???

13.3A is the Rated Amperage, that's what the manufacture states.

Power 1600watts / Voltage 120volts = Current 13.3amps

1600 watts which is about 15 amps

1800 Watts divided by 120 Volts equals 15 amps.

13.3 amps

Will this Wen operate a pellet stove?

Yes it will. As long as the wattage of your pellet stove blower motors, and auger motor don't exceed 1000 watts. In any event, it powers my pellet stove perfectly, and is safe for the stove's electronics, because of the inverter technology.

No reason why it won't. The stove has a small auger to feed the pellets. Very little power draw.