WEN 56200i

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WEN 56200i

Westinghouse iGen2200

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Westinghouse iGen2200

WEN 56200i vs Westinghouse iGen2200

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WEN 56200i

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Westinghouse iGen2200

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Engine Displacement (cc)
Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
50 lb
46 lb
Engine Make
OEM Branded Engine
OEM Branded Engine
Start Type
Recoil Start
Recoil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Auto Idle Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Muffler, Fuel Gauge
Automatic Voltage Regulation, Low Oil Shutdown, Muffler, USB Port
CA (CARB) Compliant
CARB Compliant
CARB Compliant
Color Family
Voltage (volts)
120 V
120 V
Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench
Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench, Engine Lubricant
Power/Fuel Type
Operational Volume (dB)
Horsepower (hp)
0 hp
Starting Wattage
Half-Load Run Time
Fuel Technology
Single Fuel
Single Fuel
Campsite, Job Site, Recreation, Tailgating
Campsite, Emergency Use, Home Standby, Job Site, Recreation, Tailgating
Suggested Uses
Battery Charger, Bench Tools, Halogen Work Light, Large Appliances, Lights, Mobile Devices, Power Tools, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Small Electronics, Sump Pump, Well Pump
Battery Charger, Bench Tools, Halogen Work Light, Large Appliances, Lights, Power Tools, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Small Electronics, Sump Pump
Full load fuel consumption (gallons/hour)
CO Shutoff Capable
Number of Outlets
Built-in inverter
Running Wattage
Outlet Type
120V 13.3A
120V 20A

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Warranty
3 Year Limited Warranty
Certifications and Listings
EPA Approved
CARB Compliant


Product Height (in.)
18 in
17.9 in
Product Width (in.)
11 in
11.4 in
Product Length (in.)
18 in
19.8 in


WEN 56200i

See price WEN 56200i

Great little generator. When I received it, it came with everything I would need, including a Phillips head screw driver to take off the side panel to get to the oil, also a small funnel and a long plastic tube to make putting oil in it effortless. I added the oil (the oil cap had a dip stick attach...

Pro: has fuel guage, quiet Con: changing oil could be less messy

upon delivery gassed up installed oil started second pull very east to start gas guage a plus weight isint to bad at about 50 ibs more than enough wattage for campind and best is quiet so no problems with fellow campers

Wanted a generator for the club I am a member of. They have a ridiculously stringent policy on generators, 65 decibels at 17 feet. I was told by many members and the clubs board members, that the only generators that ever passed the test were Honda, and Yamaha. So when I showed up for the testing...

The best thing is the one pull start after you have run this the first time. The first time took three pulls obviously because there was no gas in the generator when it was new, but after that, one pull and she starts right up. Quiet, compact, great unit. I've ordered a second one with the parallel...

I bought this for a week long dispersed camping trip in Wyoming where I would have no power. It worked like a champ! It was as quiet as other campers Honda and Yamaha. It starts on first pull. Eco mode is nice. Very happy with this unit.

Nice generator, easy to use, fairly light and quite.

Very quiet and efficient. Runs my camper lights no problem with maximum loads.

Quiet, could not tell the difference in noise level from the Honda. Starts on first pull, great generator for half the price of a Honda.I did not like the location of the oil filler/dipstick. It was difficult to fill with oil and to check oil level, otherwise a good deal.

this generator is not quiet, end of story.

Westinghouse iGen2200

See price Westinghouse iGen2200

Great for the price. Started in the first pull and was very quiet.

This generator could almost be a amazing. The service and support that Westinghouse provides and the fact they don't do a full functional systems check in China of the generator before they ship it makes this generator a waste of time and money. I received the generator, put fuel and oil in it and...

Starts super easy, runs quietly and no issues so far with about two hours running time total.

Seems to be a well built generator.Great price and quick shipping.

Started right up. Runs great. Waiting for the next camping trip.

I bought this generator a month ago and I just love how quiet it is. And it has 2 USB ports for charging our phones, iPads, and extra gadgets. Thank you Westinghouse for this affordable inverter generator. Even a woman can use.

Just the right size for our day trips to the river. Very portable- easy to move around as needed.

This iGen2200 is really quiet. Easy start up, very light weight, I got this for camping, you won't be disappointed. Produced power as stated.

I ordered this generator on Nov 29,2021 and got it four days later as expected. Shipping handled really well, just like I picked it up from the local store. I am running a test right now. No problem setting up and start it right away as instructed. I would definitely recommend to my friends to b...

Very happy with the purchase. Started on the first pull and it was a very slow and light pull. Runs super quiet and very efficient on gas.

Questions & Answers

WEN 56200i

See price WEN 56200i

What is the amp output? 20 amp, 30 amp, 50 amp???

13.3A is the Rated Amperage, that's what the manufacture states.

Power 1600watts / Voltage 120volts = Current 13.3amps

1600 watts which is about 15 amps

1800 Watts divided by 120 Volts equals 15 amps.

13.3 amps

Will this Wen operate a pellet stove?

Yes it will. As long as the wattage of your pellet stove blower motors, and auger motor don't exceed 1000 watts. In any event, it powers my pellet stove perfectly, and is safe for the stove's electronics, because of the inverter technology.

No reason why it won't. The stove has a small auger to feed the pellets. Very little power draw.

Westinghouse iGen2200

See price Westinghouse iGen2200

will it run my air conditioner in my camper

If your air conditioner operates on 110 volt power (as opposed to 220v) you'll be fine so long as you're not also using a microwave or hair dryer. In other words, if your air conditioner can be powered using one of the standard outlets in your home, you shouldn't have any problems.

Yes, but only in tandem with a parallel kit it runs my 13,500 btu unit with no issues and a microwave to boot.

As long as it rated for under 3600 watts. I have a 29 foot travel trailer rated at 3000 watts so i bought to and series them together with a cord.

If it's a smaller unit, 9000btu, possible. Check specs on your AC to confirm starting amps. If it's less than18 amps (2200w/120v) you have a shot at it.

Our RV airconditioner is a Coleman 13500 BTU. This will run it IF you put an EasyStart on the AC. The normal running power of the AC is only like 1200 or 1300 watts, usually. So the problem is the power surge when the AC starts up. The EasyStart we installed makes the AC start with a gentle power curve and there is no peak surge. So the AC starts up quietly and can use this generator now.

Is this the only color it comes in ? I'm willing to pay a little more for a different color.

I own two of these, I've only seen these in blue. Buy the machine, it smokes the Honda at half the price. I recently went camping and the camp next to me had the Honda. We did a side by side and this generator was a bit quieter. It ran all night powering some lights and camp displays. Easy easy to operate and start. Best bang for the buck. Good luck.

WOW, i'm not sure. It's the only color I've seen. I can tell you it is a GREAT Inverter. I am very happy with mine, would buy again..

It’s the only color that I know of for the 2200, but the 2500 I think comes in camouflage and blue. They also make decals that fits them. Hope this helps.

As far as I know this is the only color. Westinghouse's company colors are blue and white.

lol.. They do sell a Camouflage version, it's more money, same genny.

if color matters just paint it

Would this 2,200 generator be powerful enough to run both our pellet stove and house refrigerator...

Yes, based on average estimates of pellet stove and refrigerator wattages, the iGen2200 would have more than enough power to run these appliances.

the stove is not recommended but the refrigerator turns on comfortable

NO, Not near large enough. I'm guessing you would need a 5000 wat inverter. Depends on the size of your stoves and frig.

You need to look at your appliances and see what amps are watts that it shows. If it shows the amps then add them together to be sure that both are not over 15amps because that is what the generator will distribute without possibly tripping the breaker, if it shows watts add them together and divide by 120 and make sure the number is 15 are less and you should be fine.