Sun Joe SPX3000

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Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX4000

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Sun Joe SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Sun Joe SPX4000

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Sun Joe SPX3000

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Sun Joe SPX4000

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Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
31 lb
27.8 lb
Assembly Required
Start Type
Electronic Ignition
Electronic Ignition
Quick connect tips, Chemical/detergent injection, Cord Lock
Quick connect tips, Chemical/detergent injection, Adjustable pressure
Connection type
Detergent tank, GFIC plug, Wheels, Onboard cord storage
Detergent tank, Wheels, Onboard cord storage
Commercial / Residential
Amperage (amps)
14.5 A
14.5 A
Cord Length (ft.)
Maximum Pressure (psi)
2030 psi
Number of tips included
Pump Type
Pressure Washer Power Type
Corded Electric
Corded Electric
Pump Brand
Gallons Per Minute
Suggested Use
Car, Patio Furniture, Siding, Decking
Car, Patio Furniture, Decking
Water Temperature
Hose Material
Nozzle Type

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year
2 Years


Assembled Width (in.)
15.6 in
19.3 in
Assembled Depth (in.)
13.5 in
21.2 in
Assembled Height (in.)
33.9 in
36.6 in
Wheel Diameter (in.)
8 in
Interior Hose Diameter (In.)
0.591 in
1/4 in
Hose length (in.)


Sun Joe SPX3000

See price Sun Joe SPX3000

This Snow Joe is very good, unlike the others it has changeable tips, has a 2 yr warranty and is very quiet. I've used it 3 times in the last month, once for sidewalk and twice on the siding. The 2000 PSI is fince any more and I'd ruin things.

Good value for pressure washer. Would do well with a storage area for separate spray jets.

Purchased this pressure washer for my husband's b'day. we originally had a Karcher & it died. So I researched this brand & found out how much better it was both cost & psi wise. I wound up using it on our side patio & furniture & it worked much much better than our old one...

I've always paid guys to come by and pressure wash the roof, driveway, etc. Always wondered why, afterwards, too; I mean, it just doesn't seem that tough a job ... So, after looking around a fair bit, decided to go with Pressure Joe. No real regrets. I started on a side deck that, after 8 years, h...

If you are a homeowner, and need a pressure washer for use around the home it's a good buy. I washed my metal shed, pool deck, paver stones, pressure treated deck, shutters, and the exterior of the house, all without much effort. However, there are a few drawbacks. The nozzle for reaching 2nd story...

It performs as I expected it would. Cleans BBQ grease off the patio, cleans mildew off concrete, washes the car. Comes with several tips, from fine point to 40 degrees. Suggestions for improvements: the shelf on the back doesn't hold the spare tips very securely. Also, would like to see a quick disc...

The pressure washer is very easy to assemble and use. I have purchased 2 previous washers, different brand that stopped working over time and I like this brand much better. I thought the switching of the nozzles would be a pain to do all the time from soap to pressure but it is very easy to do so no...

sun joe SPX3000 is a great pressure washer, worth the price. no need to spend more on other makes. took only 30 minutes to assembly the unit, for a 78 year old man, that is good timing.

Written instructions were not very good, but the video on You Tube by Pressure Joe was excellent. I just watched the video as I assembled the pressure washer. The washer is made with good quality materials, not cheapo stuff like I've seen on other electric washers. Not too noisy. I don't need earplu...

Easy to assemble had it up and running 10 minutes after I open the box. Not at all as noisy as the gas ones.

Sun Joe SPX4000

See price Sun Joe SPX4000

I used this to clean my concrete patio, gutters, siding, car & car mats, bird bath, plastic chairs, you name it! For an electric pressure washer to be rated over 2000 psi is impressive. I'm ordering the extension hose to have more flexibility & not have to move the unit around as much for those job...

Easy to assemble. Needed to read manual only once to figure out how to get soap out the end of gun (need to have right nozzle or brush connected). Only thing missing in an nice accessory bag hanging on the left side to carry my extension tubes, turbo nozzle, tire brush and combo nozzle. Do I get...

Bought this electric pressure washer knowing that the pressure would not be as strong as a gas operated model but it would be easier on maintenance. Was able to use this pressure washer several times now. Would have liked more pressure but at this price point it is sufficient. Great job cleaning car...

This machine is a workhorse. It removed 9 years of dirt and grime from our driveway. It took a while, but we could not be happier with results.

I purchased the SPX4000 because I did not want to deal with the hassle of a gas pressure washer due to some physical limitations. Before buying this pressure washer, I was concerned there wouldn't be enough power to clean my very dirty concrete walkway and double driveway but my concerns were put to...

The pressure washer works very well, I have only had an issue with some fittings leaking and SNOWJOE/SUNJOE has replaced those with absolutely no issue. The customer service is AMAZING.

I went through two of these in 2 days. The sprayer is cheap and doesn’t work properly. Do t buy this. It’s a complete waste of money

This is my third power washer, first by SunJoe. Excellent instructions (although should say 3 screws, not 4). Works very well. Like good selection of nozzles including rotating one. Very powerful. Also bought Patio Cleaning Attachment.Did 6 steps in 10 minutes.

Decent little unit. Plenty of power for around the house. Easy assembly. Would have liked the 25 foot hose extension.....great for siding with the 15° I can strip paint with the 0°

Easy to set up, easy to move around, and enough power to do all jobs around the home.

Questions & Answers

Sun Joe SPX3000

See price Sun Joe SPX3000

Is the hose the metric quick connector on both ends?

Hello JDog1, The high-pressure hose can be replaced by any generic 1/4" hose with M22 fittings on both ends. We also sell a genuine 25-ft extension hose (Model# SPX-25H) for purchase online. Hope this helps! Snow Joe + Sun Joe

No, it has the water seal insert with threaded connectors. This is a far more positive seal than the quick connect. Most washers have this same type of connector due to the very high pressures they operate under. For the same reason a well engineered hose is used that will withstand the high pressures without fear of rupture which would potentially be dangerous.

only on the wand end. The other end is screwed into the outlet

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. I suggest that you contact Sun Joe directly for this answer. Cheers

the max psi is 2,030psi what's the least amount of psi it can has. Trying to get 1200-1900psi ran...

The pressure washer has 4 or 5 changeable nozzels that can be switched out to do everything from striipping grime from concrete all the way to washing vehicles without stripping paint. This is an excellent multipurpose washer, you wont be disappointed.

no idea I would never wash a car with a pressure washer

You should be able to. 1450 PSI for everyday dirt, and 2030 PSI for your toughest jobs Includes 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees, plus soap from the built-in detergent tank)

It comes with several nozzels -- the wider the nozzel the lower the PSI...

Pressure is adjusted with the colored adapters. The wider the fan of water the adapter makes the lower the water pressure.

What is the SunJoe water inlet pipe made out of (plastic, aluminum or brass?). This is where the ...

It is made out aluminum.

It is made of aluminum

made out of plstic and brass

It is some kind of metal, maybe aluminum. The outer part that screws on to secure it is plastic.

Dear Daniel, The water inlet pipe on the Sun Joe 2030 MAX PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 Amp Electric Pressure Washer is made out of aluminum. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks Customer Service Team Snow Joe + Sun Joe

Sun Joe SPX4000

See price Sun Joe SPX4000

Does this do well on vinyl siding and windows? I also have loose paint on my deck, will this loo...

I don't have a deck but will work good on vinyl sidings and windows.

Yes it does well on vinyl but if you have a two story house you will need an extension pole.

It works great on windows and siding. Not sure about the paint on your deck.

Yes, vinyl siding, windows, and with the right attachment, would rip loose paint right off. We have used ours on siding and windows, cars, and deck. Does a great job!

Generally speaking, you can use the equipment for any surface cleaning. You can be successful removing loose paint. However, you must be careful regarding selecting the nozzle pattern and the nozzle distance from the material that you’re cleaning. You can be your own worst enemy by destroying the material that you intend to be cleaning. I never use this tool for cleaning windows. It’s not worth the effort for the results you obtain using it. For cleaning dust and dirt from windows, I wash the window with soapy water and a sponge (just like a car), rinsing with the garden hose and then squeegee the glass. Then I wipe the window glass with a water and white vinegar solution (it’s cheaper and more effective than any window cleaning spray) using a microfiber towel and then squeegee the glass again. Step One removes the dirt, dust, and water from the window. Step Two removes the other contaminants, and moisture that facilitate streaking on the glass. If you’re seldom successful eliminating streaks on glass, you’ll greatly appreciate how effective this two step process is.

Yes,used it for windows, will remove flaked paint, pick your nossel with care! To harsh a jet will carve the wood.

It will do a good job on windows. On the siding, depends on how close you can get and what your trying to wash off. You can't use bleach with this unit. It won't do well on dried paint.

How do you get it to suck the soap out of the soap chamber?

Good question! Mine does not seem to suck the soap either, even when the soap volume knob is turned way up...

I've never had that issue. Is the lid sealed properly and the tube attached to the lid? If so, you may have an issue with the pump and need to return the unit for repair or replacement.

It only works with the “soap” nozzle attached. It might need to be on the Low setting to get it to work. If it’s still not working it might have a clog in the line.

There is a special nozzle that you use that allows the wand to dispense the detergent in the tank. And there is a knob on the unit that allows you to adjust the amount of detergent dispensed. My unit came defective because it didn't dispense the detergent even when using the detergent nozzle. I called Sun Joe and they replaced my unit with a new one.

There is one clear supply tube that goes from the soap tank thru the green rubber soap tank cap and back to the pump circuit. Pull loose the green rubber cap enough to look into soap tank. Confirm the suction tube is lying down on the bottom of the tank so it remains below the liquid level. You can slide the green cap along the tube to extend the tube further into the tank. Replace the cap carefully, ensuring that the cap is sealing completely around the lip of the tank opening. It is easy to not get that cap seated completely since it is very flexible. Check the tube where it exits the rear of the green cap to be sure it is not kinked and is connected at the other end.

Possibly by changing the switch to other way. It’s put away for winter.

Dear James, In order to have the detergent dispense from the Sun Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Pressure-Select Technology, first you must dilute the detergent before placing it into the detergent tank. Afterwards you place the black soap nozzle on the tip of your wand and operate the unit as the soap will dispense. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks Customer Service Team Snow Joe + Sun Joe