Rockwell RK3441K

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Rockwell RK3441K

Rockwell RK3440K

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Rockwell RK3440K

Rockwell RK3441K vs Rockwell RK3440K

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Rockwell RK3441K

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Rockwell RK3440K

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Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
Color Family
Maximum Speed (RPM)
Power Tool Features
Electric Brake, Keyed Blade Change
Electric Brake, Keyed Blade Change, Spindle Lock, Laser Guide
Cordless/ Corded
Tools Product Type
Power Tool
Power Tool
Amperage (amps)
Blade Diameter (in.)
4-1/2 in
3-2/5 in
Included Accessories
Bag, Laser Guide
Construction Material
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Cord Length (ft.)
Saw Drive Type
Worm Drive
Cuts Through
Wood, PVC, Plastic, Aluminum
Wood, PVC, Aluminum, Masonry
Depth Adjustment
Maximum Cut Depth @ 45 Deg.
1.15 in
Corded Tool Type
Circular Saw
Circular Saw
Blade Location
Bevel Capacity

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 years limited
3 year limited
Certifications and Listings
ETL Listed
ETL Listed


Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Blade Diameter (in.)
Maximum Cut Depth @ 90 Deg.
1.15 in


Rockwell RK3441K

See price Rockwell RK3441K

I 've been using it about every other day and I'm most happy with the depth of the cut.

This is my favorite power tool. I have been building speaker cabinets, and the Rockwell Compact Circular Saw is significantly easier to use with 1/2" and 3/4" plywood than is a full-size circular saw. The cuts are easy, precise, and with a reasonably fresh blade, surprisingly clean. I'm sure it work...

lightweight and compact. adequate power cuts 2x4 with ease easy to control against straightedge

Fantastic little saw. Does everything as advertised

Good saw plenty of power. Got the plywood blade for it not needed the 24 tooth does just fine. Built my first bird house, The vac pick up gets just about everything witch is nice.

Delivery was great. Used Tool on small project and it performed good.

I picked this up about a week ago. Rockwell has a winner in this saw; the Versa-Cut will not handle cutting thru a 2x, but this moves smoothly thru 2x's. I won't stop using my 7 1/4", but this will get a real workout. Any 4.5" blade with the 3/8" arbor will work. It doesn't come with a tool bag or k...

Bought as a gift for my husband and he was using it the day after Christmas. He really likes the job it does and saves dragging out the bigger saw for smaller products.

My friend has one. I used it. It is pretty good for small projects. but the frequency I use tools and change blades that often, I don't think I would buy one. These blades cost $40 for (3 assorted) for no good reason. Normal circular saw blades cost around $9 , even the small 6 1/2 blade cost only $...

Bought this Saw to cut tenons on 6x6 material and finished the cuts with a hand saw. I have no complaints with this saw at all it did what I wanted it to do. The safety button and switch is a reach but is doable with one hand. Make your cuts slow and steady because the thin kerf blade can be distort...

Rockwell RK3440K

See price Rockwell RK3440K

I thought I was getting a fancy new tech model of the original #314, but nooo, this thing is way too complicated and too safe for me. I cannot see the line and watch the blade as I cut. Instead, they want me to rely on a lazer? as I cut. NOT!

I bought this saw for cutting around windows I was replacing. Didn't work very well for that project but has turned out to be very useful for other small projects around the house. There is only one negative thing about this product. The safety switch is in an awkward place and hard to reach. If thi...

Although I purchased this for overhead cutting on a home renovation project -- it quickly became one of my favorite and most used tools. The Pros: Versatile tool, powerful, easy cuts, comfortable to use. The Cons: The safety trigger is a little awkward (but manageable) and the downward pressure ne...

The product performs in every way as described by the manufacturer and various product testers. For me, the angle of the handle is a little awkward until I get more used to it. It is different than a standard circular saw handle to grip and push through the material. Otherwise, it is a tool that I w...

The people on my list who received the versacut saw were ecstatic-the others have already placed it on next year's list!

I really Like this tool it is great I reccommend this to everyone.

Not only did I cut to size the bamboo hardwood planks to go on the seat of this bench, I also used the VersaCut to saw the twin size vintage Jenny Lind bed in two! I had seen this project on many blogs and finally got the guts to cut a bed in half. The result was quite nice and I don't regret it at...

Needed to remove 3" of lap siding at my door and window frames to add trim pieces. What a professional job and appearance! Great tool!

I asked my husband how he liked it and he said it works great, so another tool that he is satisfied with using.

This product performed better than expected! It had all the power I need to do the job I bought it to do.

Questions & Answers

Rockwell RK3441K

See price Rockwell RK3441K

will this cut through galvenized fence post?


If you can find an appropriate blade(go online, search web). Not sure if it would clog up with metal shavings or not. I has an exhaust port for bag or vacuum.

the blade stalls when cutting only 1/2 inch plywood

Could your blade be all the way down? If it is, I raise it so that ithe teeth clear the bottom, it could be binding. Hope this helps,

If the blade looks good return saw.

I am running into the same problem with 1/2 mdf and plywood, Workers great with any thing under 1/2 and less the 3 inch cut. I will be returning the saw.

When using this saw or any saw remember to keep the saw streight. Just a little twist and it will stall. Going to fast will also affect this saw. I use this saw just to make grooves and it took me a bit to get it right.

I cut several feed of 3/4" plywood siding and made a number of cuts through 2x4s without issues. I did find that the 24 tooth carbide blade, that it comes with, produces a very narrow kerf that does not allow for much maneuvering if you need to "steer" slightly in a cut. It's easy to have it bind under these circumstances. Haven't yet tried it with other blades.

Can I rip the rounded edges off a 2x6 using this with the included fence?

Yes ma'am you sure can that is the main reason I bought this saw because it would cut 2X4's and it does great. The blades don't last to long but I am sure there is some better blades for it but I haven't look to hard. but it is a great little saw.

It will cut 1 3/4" which will go through a standard 2 X 4 which is 1 5/8" thick

Based on its approximately 1-3/4" depth of cut, yes, you could do that. However, because of the load this would place on a relatively small motor, I'd choose either a table saw or full-size circular saw to do the job. I've found that this is a fantastic little saw for jobs where my circular saw is just too cumbersome--such as cutting 1/4" luan plywood or making plunge cuts in existing construction. And I suppose, in a pinch, if you were making just a few short cuts, using a good blade and not forcing it, it could be used to dress the edges of your 2x6s. But if you don't already have a decent full-size saw, I'd invest in that first.

Yes, but is a bit clumsy to use with the blade guard. It's a good saw, but the ergonomic is not good for people with small hands. I used is primarily on tile and granite instead of wood.

Yes but handling the saw can get tricky. I cut the bottom off a wooden picket fence. The guard kept snapping back between the pickets. It was slow going. It is a nice little saw.

Yes, I think it will work. IF the wood is 2" thick ( 1 3/4" actual) reg 2" thick wood, with the 2 1/4" blade showing, you should be able to. I would do a sample on a scrap piece before you do the finish item. Good Luck! Remember this is a 4 !/2" blade, not a large blade!

This is really two questions - first, it will rip a 2x6 no problem. I did it the other day, trimming off a 1/4 inch and got a sharp clean cut. The engine hums through it no problem. Can you rip it with the fence? You will be right at the end of the fence but it should work. I measured it on my saw before answering. I prefer the straight edge and the guide though.

Rockwell RK3440K

See price Rockwell RK3440K

Is there an abrasive blade that can be used with the Versacut?

The instruction booklet says that abrasive blades should NOT be used with this saw. If for no other reason, I don't they they would fit the mandrel properly.

I haven't tried, but the stores do sell abrasive blades about the right size. I"d worry about the abrasive wearing the seal and getting in the bearing. I just use the carbide blade to cut metal lathe, bit it could probably cut 16 ga.

best to ask rockwell on this one

Bevel Cuts

No the Versacut cannot make a bevel cut, however the Mini circular saw RK3441 can do bevel cuts.

Please refer to our 4-1/2" Compact Circular Saw, model RK3441K. The saw's maximum cutting depth at 90° is 1-11/16" and the bevel capacity at 45° is 1-1/8".

can it make 45 degree bevel cuts?

can it cut at 45 degree angel?