Generac iQ3500

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Generac iQ3500

Honda 3000 eu3000is

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Honda 3000 eu3000is

Generac iQ3500 vs Honda 3000 eu3000is

Our Verdict

The Generac iQ3500 offers a better insight into its power production than the Honda EU3000iS, because it is equipped with a data center. Besides that, these 2 products are equipped with a fuel gauge allowing to see their fuel level at a glance. For the iQ3500, this fuel gauge is digital and part of the data center. The Honda EU3000iS benefits from a welcomed additional security feature: its CO Minder technology monitors carbon monoxide and automatically shuts off the generator if the ambient levels become unsafe.


Generac iQ3500

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Honda 3000 eu3000is

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Engine Displacement (cc)
Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
109.1 lb
132 lb
Engine Make
OEM Branded Engine
Honda Engine
Start Type
Electric Switch, Recoil Start
Electric Switch, Recoil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Electric Start, Low Oil Shutdown, Fuel Gauge, Hour Meter
Auto Idle Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Built-in Fuel Gauge, CO Shutoff, Electric Start, Low Oil Shutdown, Muffler, Overload Protection
CA (CARB) Compliant
CARB Compliant
Not CARB Compliant
Color Family
Voltage (volts)
Battery, Oil Funnel
Power/Fuel Type
Operational Volume (dB)
Horsepower (hp)
0 hp
Starting Wattage
Half-Load Run Time
Fuel Technology
Single Fuel
Single Fuel
Job Site, Recreation
Campsite, Emergency Use, Home Standby, Job Site, Recreation, Tailgating
Suggested Uses
Bench Tools, Lights, Mobile Devices, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Small Electronics
Battery Charger, Bench Tools, Halogen Work Light, Large Appliances, Lights, Mobile Devices, Power Tools, RV A/C Unit, Small Appliances, Small Electronics, Sump Pump
Full load fuel consumption (gallons/hour)
Number of Outlets
Built-in inverter
Running Wattage
Outlet Type
120V 20A, 120V 30A
120V 20A, 120V 30A
CO Shutoff Capable

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 year limited
Rest easy, knowing your generator is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.
Certifications and Listings
CARB Compliant
EPA Approved


Product Height (in.)
21.7 in
22 in
Product Width (in.)
18 in
26 in
Product Length (in.)
23.7 in
17.6 in


Generac iQ3500

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The generator is a good, smooth running piece of equipment. I like the design, color scheme, ease of operation, handling and portability. Its not bad on weight i have to take it down a set of stairs and its not bad. It is easy on gas and is pretty quiet when in the efficiency mode. I bought this mai...

nice compact portable generator great for camping and many outdoor uses only 48 lbs has two 120 volt 20 amp outlets three prong has a cable and outlet for charging 12 volt batterys also has a usb outlet 5 vdc 1.5 amp for electronic devices comes with spark plug wrench and small phillips screwdriver...

The photo shows this generator next to my 'main' generator. The big generator, which is actually rather small, is portable in the sense that you can wheel it around -- with fuel it is over 200 pounds. The GP2200i is obviously much smaller, about the size and weight of a large suitcase, with a carry...

It started right up after 2 pulls. It is probably the most quietest Generator I have ever used. And if you turn on "economy" it is even quieter yet. The generator weighs 48 lbs. before adding gas and oil. I used every bit of the container of oil that came with it. I had to unscrew 2 screws to remove...

Second time I've had to write this as the website screwed up, so I'll be brief: A bit bigger than I thought it would be, but even when full still not to bad to pickup and move. I say pick up because there are no wheels. Quiet running, whether using the auto throttle or not. Not sure hat a guy...

I've used this little generator several times while camping and even used it once while on a friends boat. It is relatively light weight (about 40 pounds) and it packs quite a punch. I love that it has an energy saving mode that allows it to idle when not providing power and it is super quiet. It st...

It's not powerful enough to run my ac in my boat. My brother has the Honda 2000 with the 30amp plug that runs my ac I'm trying to return this product. I was hoping being a 3000 with the 30amp plug it would run everything on my boat and should have easily

I have owned and used generators before but this Generac GP3000 is by far my favorite to use. Not only is it lightweight at only 50-ish pounds but has a beefy handle to move it around, is slim enough to fit inside my truck toolbox, and was extremely easy to set up. Just add the oil and pump gas (and...

Quiet and powerful generator perfect for camping, emergencies at home and general portable power. The box includes a manual, tool kit, oil and generator. The handle makes it easy to carry for the average person. Rated at 3000 watts this will run small appliances easily. It is convenient for campi...


Honda 3000 eu3000is

See price Honda 3000 eu3000is

This is my second Honda EU3000iS Generator.  (My first one was stolen, unfortunately.)  This is the quietest, easy-to-use generator I have ever owned, and I recommend it without qualification to anyone who needs a reliable, precision built 3000 watt generator.  You may find cheaper generators this s...

We purchased the generator after the power outages PG&E subjected us to last Fall.  Just put the wheel kit on and fired it up yesterday for the first time.  It is very easy to use, with good clear directions.  We are amazed at how quiet it is.  We purchased the heavy duty power cord (recommended) an...

Recently we have experienced  power outage issues due to wind events. our local power utility company shut down our power for a total of 4 days. the generator was super quiet, it allowed us to power 2 full size refrigerators for the entire time..we also shut down one refrigirator and were able to us...

This generator is excellent.  Does all I expected of it and then some.  Ran 2 freezers, 2 refrigerators, couple of lights and was still able to make coffee with no overload indication at any point. Very quiet and in economy mode it lasts 20 hours before need to refuel.  i would recommend in to all a...

It is what I expected from Honda.  I had ordered a wheel kit at the same time as the generator so I installed the wheels first then proceeded to add oil (which I had to go into town to get) and then connected the battery.  The battery connecting process was probably more difficult than the rest of t...

Start up is easy, power level great. But to use the key start, you have to take the generator apart to make the battery connection. Then if not going to use it for a while, you have to take it apart again to disconnect it. The pull start is so easy it is really not worth the hassle. Also, the unit d...

Living in Michigan with winter right around the corner, we needed a back up generator in the event our power goes out during the cold winter weather.  After reviewing many different models we settled on the Honda 3000is.  With the Honda offering a super quiet 3000 watt generator it helped make up ou...

I received the new EU3000IS generator on Thursday and decided to set it up today (Saturday). Setup was a bit difficult. I purchased the wheel set and those attached pretty easily, although the generator is quite heavy to move around to attach the wheels. Adding oil to the engine requires a funnel th...

This has all of the features I need. It is very easy to operate and hook up. My son is an electrician and hooked it to my electric panel so we would have basic hookups during the hurricane. 

We power our off grid home using one. Truly a trooper and reliable generator. We hooked It uo to a remote  starter inside the house. I hear it 20 paces away but just enough to  listen for problems. The cold starts in the morning can take a min only about three cranks to turn over. Playing with the c...

Questions & Answers

Generac iQ3500

See price Generac iQ3500

What is the operating dB level?

in economy mode around 76 or a little higher ... when something with a motor that uses more watts to start the motor around 80 or a higher draw when first starting anything plugged in that has to start up a motor ... but this dB level will return to economy running dB soon after the initial wattage draw is over

running at half load my inverter was measured on my digital sound meter the highest was 85dB

I believe its 70db but not exactly sure.Its very quiet compared to other gen sets though.

I measured it at about 71 decibels at no load/ light load from 10 ft away, and about 62 decibels on the economy setting at 10 ft. About the same decibels I measured on my popular red 2000 watt generator.

I did a bit of testing with my sound meter and it came in at 62 dB at 10 ft. Very reasonable. Watch my video review and you can see my testing methods.

If this generator cannot run below 60, then it is advertised to be quiet but fails that. Open frame generators at 3000 output should be able to operate at 65. So I ask Generac - are you doing some misleading naming and advertising or are these people inept at taking the readings.

I have been going to measure but have not used it in an environment with no other competing noise. I will say it is as quiet as a co-workers Honda 2000i.

I see in the description of this inverter (and others) it says "50 state/CSA". Does anybody know...

The CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association, meaning the GP3000i is rated for use in Canada according to CSA emissions and quality standards.

CSA is a certification, similar to UL, and it stands for Canadian Standards Association. It's product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and other types of products.

That means it passes the air pollution standards everywhere, including California.

What is the noise rating. On-line spec sheet says 0.

This unit is EXTREMELY QUIET! I have a Honda 2000 generator & it is noisier than the Generac IQ3500

Generac does not publish decibel levels for portable generators, as there is no industry standard. If you would like to hear the unit for yourself, we recommend visiting your local retailer store to have them run a unit for you to gauge the sound level.

I would say high 40s dB on eco mode unloaded. It is very very quiet.

Listed as: "Ultra quiet 40% quieter than Honda advanced inverter technology and enclosure design provide optimal quiet performance (over 5 dB(A) quieter than the EU3000is, based on independent third-party testing)" The EU3000is is listed as: "Super quiet: so quiet, your neighbors will thank you; the EU3000is operates at 49 to 58 dB (A), which is less noise than a normal conversation; this makes it ideal for camping, RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation" Since the Generac also has an "economy" or idle down mode, you could expect it to operate in the 44 to 53 dB (A) range depending on the electrical load. (Geek stuff) Also note that this is consistent (although imprecise) with the "40% quieter" claim since dB is a logarithmic scale not a linear scale of measurement.

This is the quiet generator of this type that I have heard. Much quieter than the Predator 2000 & 3500, Westinghouse & Onan 4500

Honda 3000 eu3000is

See price Honda 3000 eu3000is

Is there a cart or set of wheels made for this modelMonty

Hi John, Yes, there are 2-wheel and 4-wheel kits available to purchase as accessories for the EU3000iS Generator.

There come two different sets, but, in my opinion, are too expensive ($109+). I put mine on a DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer Cart ($45), and fits nicely.

Can it be used with any switch transfer, and hooked to Natural gas line?

Hello, It can be used with any transfer switch, but it cannot be connected to Natural gas. This is a gasoline engine only.

I plug it in to the house using a 30 amp male-to-male extension cord. It uses regular gasoline only.

I would like to exhaust the generator thru a wall or under the main garage door in my garage if p...

Hello, We strongly recommend you do not try to extend or modify your exhaust system. This is very dangerous and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

No there is not. It could interfere with the CO2 sensor.

What is "full GFCI protection"?

Hi Jake, Full generator GFCI means ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection on all outlets. A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is the only protection device designed to protect people against electric shock from an electrical system.