Bosch ROS20VSC

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Bosch ROS20VSC


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Bosch ROS20VSC

See price Bosch ROS20VSC


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Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
2.9 lb
Color Family
Maximum Speed (RPM)
Power Tool Features
Variable Speed, Lock On Switch, Random Orbit
Variable Speed, Lock On Switch, Random Orbit, No Tool Disc/Pad Change
Cordless/ Corded
Tools Product Type
Power Tool
Power Tool
Amperage (amps)
3 A
Bench & Stationary Tool Type
Disc Sander
Disc Sander
Cord Length (ft.)
Corded Tool Type
Disc Sander
Disc Sander
Random orbit
Variable Speed
Dust collection type

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year
3 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Free Service Contract90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Certifications and Listings
CSA Listed, UL Listed
UL Listed


Product Height (in.)
5.6 in
Product Width (in.)
4.8 in
Product Depth (in.)
6.72 in


Bosch ROS20VSC

See price Bosch ROS20VSC

This Bosch orbital sander is a pleasure to use. It has very good ergonomic design. Vibration seems minimal, and operation is very smooth. You hardly need to exert pressure downwards. In fact, too much pressure and it will bog down. It is designed to work best while lightly gliding over the surface....

I bought this Bosch primarily because it can be connected to a dust collector. (As it turns out, its built-in dust collector is good but not great.) The thing is quieter than the Brand X it replaces, has much lower vibration and much, much better on-board dust collection. As expected, this isn't the...

ready to use out of the box. Replacing another one.

The sander is comfortable to operate without causing vibration fatigue in the wrist. The tool gives a nice finish without swirls if you use the proper grit sanding paper. I have also used this sander to buff a wooden mirror frame made of cherry hardwood and the tool produced a nice smooth finish. I...

I bought this to replace my skill palm sander and what a difference! At first I didn't think it was doing anything because there was so little sawdust, until I realized the dust collector was working so well. This thing is awesome and well worth the money, a job that would have taken over an hour w...

The sander works well, is much quieter than the Porter Cable RO sander it replaced. The dust collector is a bit tricky to remove and the cover is awkward to take off but it does collect the majority of the sanding dust very well. Seems to do a great job in sanding of an Oak board with little or no s...

Had to Finally replace my old Porter Cable orbital sander. Researched and found the Bosch was rated well. Got it and what a treat. I did some poly sanding initially and the filter worked exceptionally, better than I even envisioned, it began smoking as the poly fibers got hot. This filter grabbed a...

I did my research online and decided on this Bosch. Very happy with it, collects the dust nicely and gives excellent results. Highly recommend this sander.

Affordable and excellent finishing! Only grip is the dust collector is tricky to put back on.

Love this sander. Great in small spaces. It does an excellent job and doesn't leave any lines in the wood.


See price DEWALT DWE6423K

I used this sander to sand a flight of stairs that were stained and it plowed through the work. I could use this tool all day because it's so smooth and dampens the vibrations. Variable speed is worth the extra few bucks. Only downside is it should come with an adapter for shop vacs for those of us...

I just purchased this and got it out thought I would give it a test run. Was a little disappointed. I had an old Dewalt single speed orbital and this one did not take the material off nearly as fast. I was using 80 grit paper at the highest speed and took nearly twice as long the get the material to...

I picked up this random orbit sander to sand our new hardwood porch. DeWalt tools are definitely more expensive, but I'm a believer in "you get what you pay for"... (works out most of the time). I also like that DeWalt has a 90 day guarantee and standard 3 year warranty on their products. Anyway, to...

The design has a lot to desired. I only used Dewalt Sanders and I truely enjoy them, for me they are the best. This new collection/exhaust design has a MAJOR FLAW. You CANNOT connect to a vacuum. The old design you could with the proper attachment. I cannot find, anywhere, the attachment for the new...

As a professional tradesman with over 30 years of experience, I often choose Dewalt power tools for their design and durability. However, this orbital sander has been a big disappointment due to the design of the exhaust port which does not allow for the attachment of a standard 1-1/4" vacuum hose c...

I do a lot of cabinet work so a hand sander is a big part of preparation for finishing. I had a single speed Dewalt and used it for years until it quit. One drawback on my older Dewalt was the Vacuum dust attachment was weak. It worked but would become detached. I was given this as a replacement for...

Easy to use, light weight. Filter captures more debris material than I thought it would. It does require the user to clean the filter bag out periodically, but it kept the dust levels much lower than I anticipated. The price was much higher than other models, but I have had good experience with Dewa...

Replaced an old heavy sander in the middle of a job, I grabbed this as replacement. I must say, this is lightweight, has different speed settings and went through my patched compound spots like butter! Only thing is I had to tape it to my shop vac. I was disappointing in that. Especially for $80.00....

I spent a few extra $$ and bought the vaiable speed. Glad I did. Like so many Dewalt products, once you use it, you wonder why you took so long to buy it. Now I can't do without it. It's variable speed and different sanding disks that fit it make it great for any sanding procuct.

To all of you 'pros" that are whining that DeWalt doesn't have a vac attachment for this tool, stop claiming to be a professional. If you can't look past your local big box store, you are not fit to be reviewing the tool. DeWalt now uses what it calls the "Air Lock" attachment system. The part numbe...

Questions & Answers

Bosch ROS20VSC

See price Bosch ROS20VSC

I am interested in buying this tool and I would like to know if it helps me to polish my car too and what accessories can I b

Thank you for your question. The Bosch ROS20VC will work well for sanding applications as well as a polisher/buffer for autos. We do carry polishing and buffing accessories, including bonnets, buffing pads and applicator pads.

I'm not too sure polishing a car or other larger surfaces is an appropriate use for this tool.

My husband used this sander after our purchase and he said he would not recommend this sander for polishing a car because of the many angles of the car and because this sander is controlled with one hand. You need something with two hand control.

I would not use it on my car finish. It is too heavy and the head is too hard for polishing a car finish. They make a separate orbital polisher for vehicles.

not that I am aware of I would buy an appropriate orbital polisher.

has anyone used this for polishing/waxing ?

Thank you for your question. The ROS20VSC Orbital Sander can be use for polishing. You need to have a polishing bonnets and disc or buffing pad like the RS014. For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from M-F 7a-7p CST.


Haven't used it for that purpose but there are disks available for that purpose like the ABRTEN Green Film Sanding Disks 5-inch No Holes Hook-and-Loop Sandpaper 2000 Grit 50 Pieces Blue Fired Aluminium Oxide For Car Paint Refinishing & Woodworking or Metal sanding and polishing

I wouldn't use it for polishing and waxing. The weight of it is too great and the sanding head is too firm and if you had grit under it it would likely damage your surface. They make separate orbital polishers that are lighter weight and have a softer head.

Yes. I used to polish a Corian countertop using 3000 grit discs. Worked well.

Can I order a replacement dust canister? I dropped the canister and the lid cracked. It now shoot...

Yes you can order a replacement for the Dust Container. It is Bosch Part Number: 2609199179

Thank you for your question. Yes, you can order dust canister replacement. Just provide the part number 2609199179 when you call us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from M-F 7a-7p CST.

Not sure if you can buy one but dust collection is much better when hooked up to a shop vac.

Can i use this to buff polished marble?

Thank you for your question. You can use ROS20VSC as a polisher by using a buffing pad RS014. For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from Mon-Fri 7A-7P CST.

Yes, this can be used for that purpose.

Yes. You will be very pleased with the performance. Used mine to polish out my headlight lenses.

With the right buffing pad yes.


See price DEWALT DWE6423K

Corded or Cordless?

Looking at this page, the only place I see the word cordless is in your question. It says right in the name: CORDED Variable Speed ROS.


This is a corded sander. You can get cordless sanders such as the Ridgid 18-Volt 5 in. Cordless Random Orbit Sander Model # R8606B. But unless you are doing work far from a plug, I would recommend a corded tool.


Corded. It is light weight and the cord didn't interfere at all.

The description says corded (not sure if they changed this). It indeed does require 110V electricity.

That's funny... the Dewalt sander is definitely corded. It works very well. No complaints. I just purchased the RIGID corded random orbital sander with essentially the same specs and it was $20 less expensive and I like it just as well. It also comes with a lifetime service agreement for free. If anything EVER goes wrong with it, RIGID will repair or replace it for FREE. Not to shabby of a deal. Hope this was helpful.

This model is 3 amp corded.

110 volt ac corded.

Look at the picture, and the description! I see a cord in the picture, and the words corded in the description!

Can I attach a vacuum hose to the sander in place of the dust bag?

A shop vacuum system can be installed instead.

I have bought many attachments and none seem to help attach this to a Rigid vacuum hose. Duct tape will work tho, but then you have to use a new piece of tape, which I am sure you would like to avoid!

As long as the hose fits the exhaust port, yes you could do that. This will eliminate the majority of sanding dust , but not 100%. Hope this helps.

Yes you can.

I bought this sander for the dust extraction port. I also bought the 1/4 sheet version. I found that the hose for my Festool track saw fits these Sanders really well. I can run these sanders at a customer site with little or no dust

Stucco sanding outside wall and internal sheet wall

absolutely yes.. it will work well for your intended sanding.

If the outside stucco wall is cement stucco, I would not recommend it. The backing pad is rubberized and could be damaged. The sand paper made for these small sanders is not that thick, and can easily tear on cement. Once the sanding pad is torn, the rubberized backing pad would then come in contact with the cement and be damaged. If you are sanding concrete stucco, I would recommend a very heavy (automotive) sand paper on a more industrial sander (automotive heavy duty sander). Indoors for sanding sheet rock it will work great.

The sander worked great for me on concrete walls when dry diamond polishing pads are used.

Most of my sanding is on oak cabinets. I have never used an orbital sander. My questions is: will...

This depends on the grit you are using. Yes, orbital sanders, like any other sander, can leave marks in the wood. You will need to progressively move to finer paper to remove sand marks. I would error on the side of using too fine a grit, and not getting to aggressive or you will have to remove too much wood to smooth them out. Test sand paper grit on the back of a door until you get your process correct...example: 120 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit...The higher grit you can start out the better, But if you go too fine it will not remove enough of the finish nor allow for a new stain to seep in. You will need to try things out.

I use it on oak, ash, mahogany, maple, walnut, and pine. Its is my go to sander, you can go up to 320 grit, but mostly I stop at 120 and on occasionally use 220.when I am not applying a finish.

There are many factors in this. Pressing too hard, wearing out the pad, using cheap or worn out sandpaper, and relying on the dust collection bag instead of extraction will guarantee little curly-q will show up. I get great results with this sander. I use this sander with Diablo paper for lower grits, and Mirka for higher grits, and change the pad about once a year. I use no more then 2 fingers worth of pressure, never tilt the sander. I also bought an adapter, and run extraction with a shop-vac. This keeps the paper cooler and free of dust. But most importantly do not waste time with dull paper. The sandpaper is the tool, not the machine that moves it. Change the paper as soon as you notice it is dull. On the high grits I slow down the variable speed. Move no faster than 1" per second across the work to give the sander time to do it's job. Try not to use it on curves, as this will wear out the pad faster. Never skip grits, it is actually faster and gets better result going through all of the grits. 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 (stop here on oak or using stain), 220, 320, 400. I start between 60 and 120 depending on the condition of the surface. The harder the wood, the higher the grit I go to. Use a pencil to make light marks on the wood, then sand. When the pencil mark is gone, move on to the next grit. Using this method with this sander, I went from rough to finished on a 5'x2' piece of black walnut in about 15-20 minutes. Oak would be quicker, as you do not have to go as high a grit due to the open pores.

Nope. It's really good. I finish with 150 grite, when using a dark stain. After using the sander, to make sure, I'll use a 150 grit sanding block in the direction of the grain. I bought it after reading some really good pro reviews a couple years ago. I've used it on 200+ feet of oak and cherry.

If you mis-use the sander and use the wrong grit sandpaper - yes, marks can be visible. Try practicing on scrap material first before using it on your cabinets. Really fine grit sandpaper to finish your project will give you the smooth finish you need.