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Product Weight (lb.)
How much it weights
5.14 lb
Color Family
Battery Amp Hours
1.5 Ah
No Battery
Battery Power Type
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion
Number of Total Batteries Included
Charger Included
Charger Included
Charger Not Included
(1) 1.5 Ah Battery & Charger Included
Tool Only
Motor Type
Voltage (volts)
20 V
Power Tool Features
Keyless Chuck
Variable Speed
Cordless/ Corded
Tools Product Type
Power Tool
Power Tool
Cordless Tool Type
Oscillating Tool
Oscillating Tool
Battery Size
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion
Tool Bag
No Additional Items Included
Batteries Included
Accessory Change System
Universal accessory adapter
QUICK-CHANGE (TM) Accessory System allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
Oscillations Per Minute (OPM)
Oscillation Arc Range (Degrees)
Accessory Compatibility
Universal accessory adapter
Compatible with most oscillating tool accessory brands

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year Limited Warranty 1 Year Free Service Contract 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Year Limited Warranty 1 Year Free Service Contract 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Certifications and Listings
CSA Listed
CSA Listed


Product Height (in.)
9.75 in
Product Width (in.)
4.75 in
Product Depth (in.)
14.375 in



See price DEWALT DCS355C1

I have been waiting for this tool and it did not disappoint. Lots of power and the batteries last a long time. It even came with 2 blades. Thank you DeWalt!

I bought this tool bare to go along with a brushless drill and impact driver I had previously purchased. I needed a tool to do trim work around my kitchen cabinets. The job required some cuts in existing moulding which would have been impossible to do without removing it. So after doing some researc...

It works very good and easy to change the blade it great

Although, quality is good, I would not recommend it because this particular package is missing necessary accessories and is not readily and easily compatible with accessories from other manufacturers.

It comes with almost no accessories and Dremel bits are not compatible with it. I don't know why anybody rates this well it's fairly useless without online ordering accessories. The picture shows an unlabeled dewalt bit next to a Dremel. Dremel bits do not fit. Employees at the store while knowledge...

Tool Changer doesn't get any better. Doing a demo and remodel it is a great demo tool. this is not for intricate hobby work that is why I bought it.

Great tool. Powerful, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Accurate, Good Size & Weight. It works very good and easy to change the blade it great

Product is well balanced and battery life is great.

Right out of the box the tool didn't work. I'm a residential carpenter and I need reliable tools. The Dewalt 20-Volt Max oscillating multi tool model DCS355 was my third tool purchase in the 20V line and now I regret going with Dewalt. My first purchase in this line was a drill and impact set. The...

The tool is perfect for tight cuts and also delicate cuts. I had some exterior trim that need the bottom 12 inches replaced and rather than removing the whole trim board I just cut a 45 degree horizontal angle 12 inches from the bottom and replaced the back sections saving me extra costs and time.


See price DEWALT DCS355B

The Good: it's rugged, powerful, and well thought-out. The tool-less blade change is a great design feature, although it will only work with Dewalt blades. If you use the universal blade adapter you simply need to use the tool to spin off the retainer bolt. Still a great tool, and the number of appl...

My brother and I have been using this tool for the last year almost daily. It is also perfect for cutting anything in tight spaces. Cuts wood, plastic, drywall and even light metal. It is great for cutting out drywall and once you learn to lean the blade in at an angle you become comfortable and fas...

Dewalt's addition to the "Striker Saw" lineup. The oscillating saw makes quick work of small cuts, plunge cuts and general quick trimming. Easily used with one hand. Variable speed makes precision easy. Quick change blade system means fewer trips down the ladder.

At first I was skeptical about this little buzzy machine. With electronic motor controls, it can play tunes by squeezing the handle. Kinda cute. Then, I started cutting stuff... Wow! This bad boy goes through impossible cuts with ease. It turns wood into sawdust mercilessly! It's also very easy t...

This is a great kit, and grabbing it during one of the 24 hour holiday sales was a bonus. My only complaint (same one I had with the 18v kit it replaced) is the bag that ships with it for storage. When spending this much on a tool set the last thing I want to do is toss them loosely in a bag an...

I have always had great luck with dewalt tools and to find a great buy like this was perfect. Still on the lookout for more deals.

Excellent product according to my boyfriend who renovates and works a lot with tile. He's very happy with it. Only feedback is that he wanted the larger / longer-life batteries and a 'dual' charger for them. Otherwise perfect. He liked the bag and the bluetooth speaker a lot.

Hands down without a doubt should have bought this tool when it first came out. It has gotten me out of situations that would normally have taken a lot longer to do in just a matter of minutes. I install decks and when the circular saw can I cut all the way into the corner this handy little tool Zip...

A good product for the price. These tools are older models that use brushes, which is why the price on sale was so low. However, DeWalt tools have a good reputation for a good reason. They are consistently good quality. The assortment of tools was a little limiting (I would not consider the Blu...

battery life is extremely poor

Questions & Answers


See price DEWALT DCS355C1

Will 2 battery come with the tool?

No, it doesn't come with any batteries. That's what "tool-only" means in the description.

No batteries come with it. Just bare tool.

The description clearly states Circular saw, hammer drill, multi-tool, batteries and accessories Built for heavy-duty work with maximum strength and durability Battery has almost no self-discharge for maximum productivity

This is the bare tool. It has no batteries or charger.

no batterys with this model

It comes with only one battery and a charger

No battery come with a tool only purchase

It comes as a bare tool (no battery, no bag, a couple general purpose plunge blades), as a kit (tool, 2 batteries, charger, wide selection of blades, tool bag) or as part of a multiple tool kit (multi-tool, drill, impact driver, 2 batteries, charger, bag). I got the bare tool as the kit was out of stock and already have 2 drills, impact driver, and 6 1/2" saw, 4 batteries and more bags and chargers than I know what to do with.

YES 2 batterys & charger come with the tool

"This question is from 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool (Tool-Only)" That would have no battery but this answer is also being shown when the tool is added to the drill/driver kit that does come with two batteries. So no battery when bought alone but when added to the kit, the kit does have two batteries.

Will this cut directly into plywood? I have some 3/4 tongue and groove running around the edge o...

Yes, it will do it, with the right blade. We bought an assortment of blades; you want to get a half-round blade. This is my husband's favorite new toy, by the way! He LOVES this tool!

Absolutely. You can get several different attachments to cut through wood or even metal. I use mine to cut through pipes

It can, but it won't be fun. I have cut particleboard and plywood and the blade overheats very fast. I wouldn't recommend for anything bigger than a small cut at a time. 2 inches max. If you are going along the whole edge of a room, I'd look for a tracksaw.

Yes BUT... This is an oscillating tool NOT a reciprocating saw. If you have a large amount of stuff to cut, this is not your saw (save for special cuts you may have in your basement). I would guess that you need an offset saw or offset blade. While the blade on this device will/can be used offset, I would expect that a reciprocating saw with an offset adapter or an offset blade, would do a far better job. This saw is for quick tight cuts, cut offs (short, not all the way around a basement), and cut outs (I like the way it cuts a perfect rectangle for a single J-Box (special four-sided blade)). Other than that, I would classify this as light duty. It oscillates and does not reciprocate, and that brings a special challenge of its own in that it buzzes over work. Perhaps I'm doing some things wrong, but have found that smaller work (around a door, cutting off small excess, cutting off nails, or almost any cut in to drywall - especially holes and cutoffs) are far better suited for it. Curious to know what you ultimately find, though. I'd suggest you look carefully for offset attachments keeping in mind the depth of cut as some attachments/blades I've seen are limited. If you've seen the blades available for this, though, and thought they were deep enough, I don't think you'll have a problem once you find a reciprocating saw that has offset abilities in one form or another. If not, you may find an adapter. Don't know what ReciproTools makes that will work. Good luck!

Yes and that's pretty much what I used it for. I had to replace a section of my garage wall that had rotted before I sold my house.

Yes, provided you have the proper blade. Just watch out for nails, staples, and/or screws

Yes but it won’t be the fastest. It’s better for shaving off ends or if you just need to cut little pieces.

Yes this will cut as deep as the blade have you have but if you have a lot to do this is not the most efficient way to cut. You may want to try a jamb saw, if you don't know what it is look it up, it's a type of circular saw.

Yes it will !!! And it cuts like butter

Yes, just use a wood or bimetal blade. I use this tool mostly to make plunge cuts into plywood.

What is the difference between this tool and Model # DCS355B Internet #204678834 Store SKU #1000...

The DCS355B will be the tool only. It will not include any accessories, battery or charger.

The DCS355B is tool only. It don’t come with a battery, charger, or a tool bag.

This is a kit not a bare tool. Kit includes 1 5 ah battery, charger and storage bag.

This comes with a case/bag, charger, battery and a couple of blades and a non universal accessory adapter, the DCS355B iis a bare tool only, hence the 'B' in the model #, no battery, no charger and no case

Same just a different way to keep track of internet sales and store sales for sales stats at corporate


See price DEWALT DCS355B

The manual for this oscillating tool mentions a cutting guide as an accesory and shows even how ...

No, the cutting guide does not come with this tool kit.

No it does not come with the guide. The full retail kit that comes with 2 batteries usually does, but not this kit.

no, you have to buy it separately


There is no cutting guide included. This product comes with a tool bag, charger, 1.5Ah battery, a metal blade, a wood blade, and a screw in adapter for “generic” brand blades.