Who Makes the Best Tools

VD February 02 2022

Whether drilling, screwing, sawing or grinding - power tools make life easier not only for professionals, but also for hobby DIYers. But the selection is not necessarily manageable. Which brands are safe to buy?

It doesn't matter whether you only occasionally have to put a dowel in the wall or regularly use the orbital sander - power tools such as drills, cordless screwdrivers or multifunction tools are part of the basic equipment in many households. 

The trade is adjusted to the needs. In hardware stores, specialist shops or online shops you will find a large variety of products from different manufacturers. But does it really have to be the expensive branded product? Which tools can convince in terms of price-performance ratio and handling? And how do customers rate the functions or the design? Customer surveys provide exciting insights.

Best power tools for 2022

Woodworking power tools: Festool, Makita, Bosch Professional

Construction power tools: Bosch Professional, Makita, Festool

Metalworking power tool: Fine, Bosch Professional, Makita

Ladders and climbing technology: Hailo, Hymer, Günzburger

Hand tools for cars: Hazet, Gedore, Stahlwille

Pliers: Knipex, Hazet, Gedore

Workshop trolleys: Hazet, Gedore, Stahlwille

Safety shoes: Atlas, Puma, Lemaitre

Aerosols: WD-40, Caramba, Sonax

Overall, the 2,000 tool owners surveyed were quite satisfied with their choice. Three power tool brands even received the top rating of "very good". Customers rated the design and handling of the tools best. 80 percent of those surveyed gave good or very good reviews for the properties and functions of their devices. So you can be sure that our top brands from the list above will meet your expectations.

Batteries sometimes cause trouble

The overall good performance is also reflected in the fact that only twelve percent of the survey participants have ever been annoyed about their power tool. On the other hand, more than 17 percent were happy about particularly positive experiences. The long durability of the power tool makes the hearts of do-it-yourselfers beat faster. 

Reasons for customer frustration were, for example, dissatisfaction with the price, a short battery or insufficient performance of the power tools.

Who makes the best priced power tools in 2022?

If the performance is convincing, the high price is usually bearable. Around 27 percent of customers saw the price-performance ratio as a reason for choosing their power tool. The result shows that customers are quite willing to dig deeper into their pockets for quality. 

The functions and properties of the power tools also played an important role in the choice. Word of mouth, i.e. recommendations from friends or acquaintances, should not be underestimated.

So who makes the best tools in 2022?

As the most popular power tool brand, Makita emerged from the customer survey with the overall rating: "very good". The users of these devices were particularly satisfied with the design, the properties and functions, the handling and the warranty and guarantee. Over 99 percent of all customers would choose the Makita power tool they rated again - the best value in the survey.

Hilti took second place. The well-known brand scored above all due to the high level of willingness on the part of the users to recommend it, which was not so pronounced with any other manufacturer. Properties and functions as well as the image were also given the best ratings by Hilti customers in the comparison. 

Festool placed third. The brand was particularly convincing due to its handling, which was rated positively by almost 98 percent of customers. The brand also achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings in terms of value for money, guarantee and design.


Everyone knows it. At some point, the question arises as to which makes of power tool you prefer. It doesn't matter if it's at a barbecue with friends or if the neighbor at the fence asks you. We found that just about every well-known brand is popular.

We personally prefer Makita. Actually every good company has Makita in their arsenal and they are also affordable for do-it-yourselfers. Hilti is the cult brand of construction and is usually used when something needs to go. Is there a wall in the way? - Get the Hilti!

Bosch is something like the VW among tools. Not good, not bad, not cheap, not expensive - if you don't know what to go for, you can't go wrong with Bosch.