Professional Butcher Knives Sets

VD September 09 2021

There are many types of knives that can be found in a professional butcher knife set, but the most common ones include boning, fillet, and French knives. It is important to know what type of cut you want to make when choosing your knife because each one has its own purpose. If you are looking for the best quality possible in your butcher knife set, then it is worth investing in one with high-carbon steel blades.

The advantages of having knife sets

There are various advantages to owning a professional butcher knife set, such as the fact that they are well-suited for any kind of food preparation. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes which make them very versatile to use. Additionally, it is possible to find sets that come with a case to keep everything stored together.

Types of knives

There are many different types of professional butcher knife sets available on the market. 

Types of knives every butcher or chef must have in their knife set include boning, fillet, and French knives. Each one has its own purpose for cutting meat but all three can be found in any professional quality cutlery collection. Many people think that owning a good set means they no longer need to purchase other knives such as paring and carving knives but this isn't true because these additional tools will make your cooking experience much more enjoyable!

Boning knife

A boning knife is one of the most popular knives in professional butcher knives sets. It is used to remove meat from bones and it has a thin long blade which makes this task easier and faster.

Boning knives are typically shorter than most other types of knives in the set, but they still have their uses when it comes to cutting raw meats or fish.

Skinning knife

This type of knife has a special shape of blade that allows it to slide under the skin or hide with ease.

Meat cleaver

This knife has usually a wide and long blade and it is very strong because it must be able to cut through bones.

Scimitar knife

A scimitar knife refers to classic curved knives that are used for filleting fish. They have a thin blade and they curve at the end to allow easy removal of skin in one single motion.

Meat saw

It’s one of the most helpful tools to have in a butcher knife set and it is used for cutting through bone. It’s important that the saw has strong blades because they will be under pressure while making cuts.

Breaking knife

A breaking knife can break down large pieces of meat into smaller portions which are easier to handle.

Fillet knife

A fillet knife is a kitchen tool simply designed to fillet fish. It is very thin and flexible with a sharp point which makes it easy to clean raw meat without causing any damage or injury.

Knife sharpener

Even the best and most expensive knives need sharpening. This is a tool that helps to maintain the blade sharp and it comes with various types of features.

Size of knives

The size of the knife is an important aspect to consider because it can determine how well you’ll handle the knife. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a long blade may not be suitable for smaller hands and vice versa.

Butchers will choose larger knives as they need the extra length to cut meat.

Chefs will choose smaller knives as they want more control over each movement and don’t need a lot of space in order to make cuts.

A good butcher knife should have a sharp blade that is easy to re-sharpen and it must be comfortable to hold. It’s also important that the knife has a good balance so you don't feel too tired or weak while using it for cutting meats for hours.


There are three kinds of knife handles:

  • wooden
  • plastic
  • steel

Wooden handles are the most traditional type of knife handle on the market but they may not be very durable over time as they can crack or break easily. They also absorb a lot of moisture from your hand which makes them more slippery to hold when you have wet hands. On the other side, wooden handles are very comfortable and they can help to maintain the knife’s temperature.

Plastic is a durable material that makes it an excellent choice of handle for professional butcher knife sets because you will use them only in your kitchen.

On the other side, plastic doesn't absorb moisture from your hand so it isn't as slippery as a wood handle.

Steel handles are the most popular types of knives on the market because they offer a good balance between toughness and comfort.

The knife must be comfortable to hold for long periods of time but it also needs to be strong enough so that you can easily cut through bones or frozen foods without struggling too much with your grip.


As for blades and design, you can choose 4 main options:

  • straight edge
  • Granton edge
  • serrated edge
  • hollow ground edge

Straight edge knife blades are the most common choice and they are very simple. They also have a beautiful design which makes them look more sophisticated compared to other types of blades.

Granton edge knives are made with hollow dimples on the surface that decrease friction between your knife blade and whatever you’re cutting so it is easier for you to move through food without causing any damage.

Serrated edge knives have triangular-shaped blades that are perfect for cutting through bread and other food items which can be a bit tough to slice with regular blades because they simply slide right off the surface.

Hollow ground edges are great if you want a knife blade that is also very sharp but it isn’t as strong as a straight edge or serrated blade.

Price vs Quality

Butcher knife sets can be purchased online or in cooking stores and they usually come with a manual that explains the proper way of using and caring for each knife.

Professional butc​her knives sets are typically very affordable because there is no need to buy individual pieces separately which can be quite costly.

There are many brands that you can buy at different prices depending on how high quality they are. When you’re shopping for the best products, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences before making a decision.

The most expensive brands may come with better features such as stronger handles or blades that will stay sharp longer over time but if you want just basic knives then there are also more affordable brands that you can buy.

However, it’s important to remember that the price doesn't always reflect how good a product is. This means that no matter what your budget is, you should choose only high-quality butcher knives sets because they will last longer and be more comfortable for cutting meats over time.