Power Tool Manufacturers and Who Owns Them

VD February 02 2022

There's a solid chance that you might be thinking about owning the power tool you generally use. It's pretty natural, guys; everyone has that knack of curiosity welling inside them.

Especially when we talk about the power tools that most of us use daily, we decided to explain the manufacturers and their ownership in detail.

Power tools and their role in changing the world

Nothing is exciting about the power tools we use for most of us. But in reality, these tools are like the core blocks that positively change the world. Just a century ago, the things we can do today in terms of construction were considered impossible.

Then how did they become possible? If we take a brief look at the origin of this marvel, we can easily find out that it was because of the power tools. Using a screwdriver for unscrewing, let's say a 100 screw, will take a lot more time than using an impact driver. 

  • The Big Box Stores brands

Before diving deep into the series of individual brands that are popular in the market these days, we thought it would be better to discuss the familiar brands that we usually get at the big box stores. There are no specific dynamics of these brands, to be very honest.

But according to verified reports, these brands make up the majority portion of tools sold around the globe and in the US mainly. The number of such brands is so extensive that we can't name every one of them practically. But these brands often come with variable warranties and are pretty exceptional in working.

  • Harbor Freight Power Tools

No one knows who manufactures the Harbor Freight Power Tools to this day. Of course, it's a big shock as Harbor Freight Power Tools is known to be a significant stakeholder in the power tools industry worldwide.

According to experts, the secrecy of this kind is like an approach used by Harbor Freight Power Tools. Like the company practically put itself into several shareholding deals, no one exactly knows who the genuine manufacturer or the Harbor Freight Power Tools owner is on a consumer scale.

  • Ideal Industries

A company that has given all of us so many memories. For those born somewhere in the 1970s, Ideal Industries is quite a familiar name. We all remember our dad holding an ideal industry power tool every late Saturday evening. This shows how much the company has committed to the consumers.

According to official statistics, the company was officially inaugurated in 1916 by J. Walter Becker. Mr. Becker originally started the company from the kitchen of his mother. The very first official name of the company was IDEAL commutator Dresser Company of Chicago.

  • ITW

Among the power tools manufacturers and dealers, a quote is quite famous. 'Everything started with the ITW, ending with the ITW. To some of us, the passage gives almost apocalyptic vibes. But that's not the case at all. It emphasizes that the revolution of power tools started with ITW, and it will eventually end when ITW stops manufacturing someday.

From today's perspective, the company was founded around 100 years ago. Now that's some exciting time-span for a company that manufactures power tools of all sorts.

  • WernerCo

For those who simply love to work with ladders and other high-altitude working equipment, WernerCo is a true rockstar. The company only manufactures ladder-like equipment, including climbing equipment of all sorts. The company itself holds a series of brands that manufacture such fantastic equipment.

Along with the ladder and climbing equipment, the company has also taken the initiative of manufacturing fall protection products. The company is now also manufacturing Jobsite, van, and truck storage equipment of all sorts. The company is indeed expanding its working dynamics to manufacture more special equipment.

  • Fortive

Last but not least, we have got the front face of the modern-day power tools revolution. The company is Washington-based and manufactures a wide range of power tools and equipment distributed around the globe.

According to verified statistic reports, the company already has its presence in around 50 countries around the globe. Fortive also hosts around 22,000 active employees from different nationalities. The company is also quite keen to expand its growth to more and more countries. Let us say that the company has some accurate big plans for the future, and we believe they will be acting upon those plans sooner.