Milwaukee vs. DeWalt: Which Tool Brand is Better?

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

When we take a look in a professional’s tool bag, we are likely to find a number of tools from different brands. There are a number of tool brands trusted by professionals, but Milwaukee and DeWalt are the two brands that have the top-notch power tools, and these tools are made to withstand the daily usage challenges.

Far from being the bargain brands, DeWalt and Milwaukee are companies that one can choose to prioritize quality over price. Although both brands are loved by professionals, the real question is which of the two is better. 

When comparing Milwaukee vs DeWalt, we need to look at the longevity, pricing, and warranties to get a feel of what each company offers.

What’s great about Milwaukee tools

Milwaukee started its operations in 1918 and operated as an automotive tycoon manufacturing the one-handed power drill, but the company suffered a setback because of a fire in its facility. Later on, the company rapidly developed tools like the reciprocating saw, electric hammer drill, and a cordless power tool.

The new company took advantage of the growing construction and automotive industry. Milwaukee is known to constantly innovate and come up with tools that are top-notch in terms of quality, durability, comfort, ergonomics, ease of use, innovation, power output, performance, accuracy, reliability, and portability.

Milwaukee has grown over the years into a tool brand that can be trusted by professionals across many industries. The company’s main philosophy is to produce high-quality tools at affordable prices which explains why it has become so popular among professionals who have made it their go-to brand for their personal needs as well as businesses. Milwaukee caters to its customer’s needs by providing them with a better choice when it comes to choosing their tools.

This brand makes cordless power tools with superior performance and unmatched innovations, but they use proprietary battery packs that can be costly to replace when damaged or misplaced. Most professionals prefer this kind of arrangement because they don’t depend on an air compressor to run their tools; they only need batteries to make it work like a charm.

Having said that, not all Milwaukee products come with batteries and chargers so it is important to check the package before buying a cordless tool from Milwaukee.

Special things about Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a wide range of tools that come with a powerful motor and a number of useful features for professionals who need clean cuts and joints, a smooth finish, and precise measurements. This brand has been trusted by professionals for years, but they have grown into a company offering customer-friendly prices as well as exceptional quality.

The power output of their tools can also be changed depending on whether one needs low speed or high speed. By switching the gears inside the handle, you can now change speeds from full torque to half torque or vice versa which makes this brand ideal for those handling both heavy-duty tasks as well as delicate works around their homes.

It has been known as one of the most reliable brands in creating electric power tools because they own their entire production line. The company was launched by AEG in 1924 and later on bought by Robert Bosch GmbH which is why it became part of the syndicate group in 2005.

For over 90 years now, this brand has been making high-quality tools that are made to meet the needs of both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Milwaukee is currently owned by Clarke Inc which has factories all over the world including Mexico, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, China, Korea, Italy, Philippines, Russia, and the US.

Milwaukee’s cordless collection includes a number of power tools that can be used for construction sites as well as inside houses such as their reciprocating saws that come with a powerful 12V motor capable of 5500 RPM with a 4-pole high-performance magnet. This brand offers a wide range of products from radios to flashlights but specializes in electric tools. Their professional grade is suitable for those who want heavy-duty performance from their tools and who work on jobs that don’t require speed and precise accuracy.

The majority of research and development of the Milwaukee brand is carried in the Wisconsin offices. At present, the company offers a product line of more than 500 tools and 3,500 accessories for professional use. 

As the most significant power tool manufacturer, Milwaukee has around 4000 employees, and its essential tools include the hammer drill, impact drivers, circular saws, and reciprocating saws.

What’s great about DeWalt tools

DeWalt is also an American-based company that is specialized in making construction power tools for the manufacturing, construction, and woodwork sector. The company was launched in 1924, and their radial arm saw was the first tool invented. Later on, the company expanded its operations in Canada and launched its portable electric power tools. The company has grown over the years and launched its products in almost every country all over the world according to its research and development department.

DeWalt is known for manufacturing tools that are suitable for contractors who work with metal, wood, or masonry. Over time DeWalt continued creating new innovative tools which proved to be efficient and effective at what they do such as their radial arm saws, circular saws, reciprocating saws, nailers, torque wrenches but especially the drills that were invented by them including cordless drill drivers and hammer drill drivers. All these power tools come with a great motor capable of generating between 500 watts and 4 horsepower.

Special thing about DeWalt

One thing that makes DeWalt stand out from other brands is that they also create a number of hand tools that can be used to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Their interchangeable tool system allows them to design a unique power drill, impact driver, hammer drill, and reciprocating saw all with the same batteries so users don’t have to spend more when they need additional types of tools for their work.

There is no doubt that DeWalt remained at the forefront of integrating different technologies into its power tools. DeWalt is a large organization having more than 10,000 employees in the US and across several continents.

The main tools that the brand offers are the impact drivers, hammer drill, reciprocating saw, as well as a circular saw.

Milwaukee vs DeWalt: What are the significant differences?

The Milwaukee vs DeWalt comparison is something that every professional who uses both brands should consider doing. Although both companies share some similar features, there are subtle differences that separate them in terms of quality and pricing. Let’s look at some of these differences to see which brand offers what it takes for professionals everywhere.

Both brands offer high-quality electric tools, but both win in different ways. If you are looking for a brand that creates only power tools such as drills, circular saws, hammer drill drivers, etc., then the best choice is Milwaukee because they own their production line which means they make everything from scratch rather than relying on other companies for parts or capacities.

Also, if you’re looking for a brand that offers more products such as radios, flashlights, and more then DeWalt is the better option because you can get your complete tool system from just one source makes it easier to purchase everything you'll need in the future.

Both DeWalt and Milwaukee have excellent reputations in the manufacturing as well as the construction sectors, and they have become the top global brands because of their innovative and excellent power tools. The following are a few differences between the two great brands.

  • You will find Milwaukee offering different warranties that range from a few months’ time to a lifetime. On the other hand, DeWalt offers a three-year warranty with a one-year free service.
  • You can get more product options at lower price points with DeWalt, but Milwaukee is a little pricier.
  • Unlike Milwaukee, DeWalt comes with an extensive range of products.
  • Although both the companies offer quality products, DeWalt power tools are a lot lighter than Milwaukee, and this makes DeWalt popular among beginners.

It should also be noted that these two brands are rivals which means their prices are competitive with one another but both promise quality results for their customers. Milwaukee and DeWalt are both great companies so finding the right product for you will all depend on what you need. When opting to invest in power tools it is good to know that these two brands offer high-quality electric drill drivers, circular saws, hammer drill drivers, etc. The winner between Milwaukee vs. Dewalt depends on the type of tool user one is because they each provide

Bottom Line

When you pick a power tool brand, it is likely that you will stick with it for quite a long time. When we talk about Milwaukee vs DeWalt, we think which of the two brands is the best to trust because both the brands offer tools with excellent performance at very reasonable prices, while both offer warranties for different periods. 

Milwaukee can be a great choice, but on the other hand, DeWalt offers excellent value and affordable prices, which makes it a better option for starters. Depending on your needs, you can pick either of the two brands.

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