McGuire-Nicholas Electricians' Pouches

VD September 09 2021

Professional electricians, carpenters, maintenance workers, and framers all wear an electrician's pouch. These specialized tool belts are designed to hold everything from a screwdriver to a tape measure.

Electricians take the electrician's pouch to the next level by creating a belt and harness system that can hold up to ten pockets. This is because electricians spend a lot of time on ladders throughout the day, which would otherwise require them to keep stopping in order to switch out tools as they progress from one task to another. Climbing up and down repeatedly with heavy bags only increases fatigue levels- if not dangerously so- since it puts workers at an increased risk for injury due to falling off their ladder.

By using this specially designed tool pouch, however, these professionals have everything needed within easy reach while working high above the ground without having any extra weight slowing them down when climbing or descending stairs.

Electrician's pouches are available in many different styles including :

  • Flap top pouches with a leather flap to protect contents.
  • Pouch with snap and zippers for added security.
  • Mesh pocket electrician's pouch that is lightweight, breathable, and sweat resistant.

Many of these cases are adaptable as well so they can be attached to carpenter belts or fit into tool belts from other professions like maintenance workers or framers at construction sites. Electricians' pouches are available in all types of materials including ballistic nylon, mesh pockets, polyester material etc., which means there is an option suited specifically for your needs no matter the budget! There are also many options when it comes to size too since you want something large enough hold everything but not too big that it becomes cumbersome to carry.

For the most part, electricians' pouches are fairly inexpensive since they are made of common materials and have few pockets compared with other tool belts in other professions. However, there is some variation based on style so a belt may be more expensive than another depending on what makes them different from one another - whether this difference lies in how many pockets each pocket has, if they attach to carpenter or framing belts etc.

Electrician's pouches weight

Depending on the number of tools kept inside these bags will determine their weight as well. For example, those who only have a hardhat and safety vest will not need as much space in which to store their tools compared with those who have a drill, saws, screwdrivers etc.

Electrician's pouches materials

Electrician's pouches come in different materials too such as ballistic nylon or heavy-duty polyester material for durability purposes.

McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches

One of the best electricians' pouches is McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches. They are available in a variety of materials (ballistic nylon, mesh pockets, polyester material, etc.) and come with or without side compartments depending on the needs of you as an electrician.

This will help to keep your tools arranged so that they are easy to find when needed while working high above ground level. This is especially important when time is critical for fixing mistakes or finishing projects by certain deadlines.

These pouches also have heavy-duty zippers which make them highly durable even after years of use from constant wear-and-tear throughout the day as well as reinforced stress points at all corners providing extra protection against rips and tears over time due to overloading these bags with too many items and/or poor handling during usage.

McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches sizes

McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches are also available in different sizes: small electricians' pouches which measure about 12-13 inches by 13 inches; regular size Electricians' Pouches that are approximately 14" x 15"; extra-large Electrician's Pouches at 18" X 19", and jumbo electricians pouch 24" long by 20". McGuire Nicholas also makes them in a variety of materials (ballistic nylon, mesh pockets, polyester material, etc.) each with or without side compartments depending on the needs of you as an electrical trade professional.

McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches colors

A color range of McGuire-Nicholas electricians' pouches is available in black and yellow, but can also be customized for your workplace if desired.

Electricians' pouches are an important part of the job because they keep everything organized which is especially crucial when you're working high above ground level as safety needs to be a priority at all times!

McGuire-Nicholas11-Pocket Leather Contractor's Apron

Model# 1DM-428-2


What size does Isabel come in as I need a size 46 or 48?

11-Pocket Contractor Apron fits waist sizes 32 to 54 inches, so it would be a good fit for you.

Will this be a good belt for roofing? I work 12 hours on a roof and need a belt that can last.

I have had it for years doing that work and similar work and has held up great.

Can you put suspenders on this tool belt if yes what kind?

No, it won't stay on.

McGuire-NicholasMaster's 52.5 in. Brown Leather Rig (2-Bag)

Model# 1DM-527-M-2


What are the height and width dimensions of each pouch?

The big ones are 8+" wide by 2+" x 8" deep.

Will this fit a 30" waist?

 Yes, this will fit a 30" waist.



good looking tool belt...but the smell of presumably the leather tanning agent is so toxic and so strong, it renders it unusable. it has been off gassing outside for almost 4 weeks and not getting any better. Will probably have to return because bc it makes the entire garage smell toxic. If we can't have it in the garage it is useless. So disappointed as my husband asked for this as one of his few xmas wishes.
nicebelttoxicsmell / 2021-09-02 01:15:46

I suppose it is made well enough for the price but I have as yet not used it since it has such a Bad Smell I don't want to get the smell on my clothes. I had the belt in my room the first night after I bought it and by morning I was feeling sick to my stomach and had a burning sensation in my nose. I have had it outside all day since hoping that the sunshine and fresh air would get rid of the smell but so far it still smells so bad I can't bring it inside the house or even the garage that is attached to the house as the smell still seeps into the house and bothers everyone. I am planning on returning it as soon as I get a chance to get back to the store.
Richard / 2021-09-01 15:50:56

I got this apron in the other day,and have only used for a few days. So far,it's ok for the price. I bought this apron because I prefer top-grain leather to oil-tanned and top grain is pretty rare these days...Unfortunately,the leather on this apron seemed a bit thin and kinda is top-grain,but not the top-grain I remember Mcguire-Nicholas using a couple years back. With that said,it is a nice design,pockets are roomy and stay open.The stitching and riveting look good and durable,I like the metal hammer loops and I can tell that this apron will break in pretty nicely.I would've given it 5 stars,had it been made in the U.S. out of better leather,but for the price it's a good deal.
CMObuilder / 2021-08-31 09:25:36

High Quality Leather Tool Belt. Pockets are deep enough, so that tools stay put, but they are easy to get to. Belt fit 38" waist at it's tightest, so plenty of room for those with larger waists.
Patrick / 2021-09-07 10:20:25

Nice and durable rig. I do carpentry from roofing to siding to trim and is great for all. Only gripe I have is how long the belt is, I'm a 38 waist and its still a foot and a half too long, but not a big deal
Jason / 2021-09-02 06:25:41