Best Work Gloves Reviewed

VD February 02 2022

Regardless of whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a full-time craftsman: work gloves are an integral part of your protective clothing. At a certain level, normal gardening gloves are no longer sufficient. 

If you want to be protected at all times, even when doing fine motor work with dangerous materials, make sure that the gloves are as puncture, tear, cut, and abrasion-resistant as possible. In our guide, you will learn everything about work gloves so you can work safely and never cut yourself.

Purchase advice on the work gloves

If you work in manual areas or on the construction site, the risk of injury is significantly higher than in most office jobs. In order to avoid accidents or to mitigate their consequences, you need protective equipment.

In addition to safety goggles and a helmet, work gloves, as well as work shoes and work trousers, are part of the equipment of every person who works with their hands. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing:

  • Protective gloves are usually made of either leather or synthetic materials such as polyurethane, nylon, or latex.
  • Leather work gloves are often the thickest and most stable, but usually allow much less freedom of movement and limit the fine motor skills of the user more than artificial models.
  • Cut-resistant gloves must be puncture, tear, cut, and abrasion-resistant to qualify as such. To assess the respective strength, the gloves are rated from zero to a maximum of five points.

In this guide, you will find general work gloves that are suitable for a wide variety of application scenarios. Examples of such scenarios are cold stores, agriculture, recycling, and road services or in the metalworking industry, for example in quality assurance.

Work gloves comparison

The work gloves best list was created on the basis of various product criteria, including publicly available customer reviews from Amazon were taken into account. 

A work glove should fit the user well, because if the glove doesn't fit, no matter how great it can be. The material composition of the glove is also important.  Another criterion is whether the glove is waterproof.

The following list shows the best work gloves as rated by the users.

Görte – Power Grab Thermo

Our purchase recommendation, the Power Grab Thermo Gloves from Görte, is presented in a striking color. With the pair of gloves, the manufacturer offers high-quality winter work gloves that do their job, for example, in agriculture, in cold stores, or in recycling. Since the gloves have a latex coating, they also protect the hand from moisture and liquids, but they are not completely waterproof. The seamless processing makes it very comfortable to wear and ensures a long service life. All this is available at a really attractive price. 

Rating: Inexpensive gloves for all possible areas of use, especially in winter.

DBI Trading - MaxiFlex Ultimate

If you really want to save, get the MaxiFlex Ultimate storage pack from DBI Trading. You get 5 gloves of the ordered size at a good price. The glove itself is similar to Görte's purchase recommendation. It is a seamless polyamide fine knitted glove. Due to this, the wearing comfort is very high. 

Evaluation: Are you looking for gloves for several people or a storage pack for the upcoming work? You can get away without spending a fortune.

Nitras – Nylotex 3520 latex gloves

The Nylotex 3520 from Nitras, like the gloves from Görte and Co., is a seamless knitted synthetic glove with a partial latex coating. It's not waterproof, but thanks to the stretched fabric, it's definitely suitable for winter use. In comparison, the glove is also extremely cheap, as it comes in a pack of 12 pairs. Few customers complain about a bad smell, while others don't smell anything at all. 

Rating: If you want to put the least strain on your wallet, but need several pairs of gloves, these latex gloves are the right choice. 


Do I need work gloves for gardening?

Many do-it-yourselfers use the same gloves for carpentry and gardening. But there are some differences between classic protective gloves that are used in the garden and modern cut protection gloves.  

Work gloves are often of a slightly higher quality than gardening gloves. They are usually made of modern, resilient materials and are also suitable for work with a higher risk of injury. Normal gardening gloves are sufficient for protection when weeding or trimming hedges, but should not be used when working with very sharp-edged or pointed objects as they offer less protection.