Best Tool Chest Review

VD February 02 2022

The best way of keeping all your tools organized and under one roof is to get a tool chest. The great tool chests we have sorted for you today are DIY rockstars from every angle.

How do we make a choice?

Hold on, guys, we know you all are already super excited to take a look at the fantastic tool chests we have finalized for you to take a look at. But before moving to all the details, you must become aware of all the factors we considered while inspecting each of the below-described tool chests.

The first factor was the overall size of the chest and how tools can be placed within the compartment. We also considered options like portability to make sure that the trunk can be moved along according to the requirements.

1. Husky 27-inch Rolling Cabinet and Tool Chest

If you were looking for a tool chest with exceptional work dynamics and a super affordable price tag, the Husky 27-inch tool chest is all you are going to need. The chest has anti-scratch dynamics and provides exceptional portability no matter how heavy the load is.

The chest is coated with an anti-scratch layer over the 27-inch rolling tool cabinet. You can also buy the complete combo unifying the 27-inch and the 26-inch tool chest, which will give you fantastic value for the 348 USD you will be paying. Yes, it is that cost-efficient.

2. Sonic Tools S9 Toolbox

When it comes to innovation a class, no one can still beat Sonic Tools at all. One look at the chest, and you can tell that the chest s loaded with compartments and tools that will save a lot of space in your workstation. In other words, it's like a small workstation for you.

Amazingly, there's one surprising factor that makes the Sonic Tools S9 so popular. Yes, you guessed it right, the toolbox indeed comes with all the essential tools! You get the complete 285-piece toolbox for 3825 USD if you buy it today!

3. Husky Tool Chests

Now, this is something extraordinary. For years, Husky has revolutionized the industry with its new and improved tool chests. This time again, they have been able to do the same. You know, experts also believe that when it comes to stackable tool chests, nothing can beat the Husky Tool Chests.

But the signature factor that has made Husky so popular is not the cabinet quality alone. Husky tool chests are super cheap as well. Like you can get a 52-inch premium quality Husky tool chest for just 798 USD. That's super cheap, considering the quality you are getting.

4. Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Bench w/Clamp-Ready Top

The tool chest is perfect if you use it for your garage or workshop. Some notable design changes make the Milwaukee 52-inch Mobile Work Bench more suitable for garage works than other popular toolboxes. 

For example, the whole working dynamics of the toolbox are limited to a single unit alone. In other words, all the tools you are going to need will be available within the single work unit; no need to buy stupid extensions of some sort. Plus, the price tag for the complete unit is just 798 USD for the 52-inch workbench.

5. Sunex Full Drawer Service Cart

The tool chest is loved by every single mechanic out there. Okay, not every mechanic out there, but a substantial portion of mechanics around the globe prefer using the Sunex Full Drawer Service Cart compared to any other prominent tool chest manufacturing brand out there.

Comparatively, the storage cart size of the Sunex cart is also quite large compared to other carts. The internal or the smaller drawers are also made up of 18-gauge steel, which enhances the overall durability of the chest to greater heights.

6. Husky 52-inch Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo

Last but not least, we have got our top pick for you to take a look at. The Husky 52-inch Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo is the ultimate combination of all the great chests discussed earlier. The overall look of the chest is also super eye-catching.

According to experts, the chest can provide solid tool support up to 120 pounds. All of that weight is on board, but still, the trunk moves around smoothly without much hindrance. And you can get all of these fantastic features just for 950 USD for the complete package.