Best Tool Boxes

VD February 02 2022

Every do-it-yourselfer should have a well-stocked tool box. Assembling a cupboard and mounting it on the wall, repairing a bicycle, or changing a door lock - there are always tasks in the household that require the famous "DIY gene". 

But what would a skilled handyman be without his tools? If you don't want to constantly borrow your handicraft utensils from your neighbors, want to search in countless unsorted drawers, or find a tool belt impractical, you can get the best toolbox. 

In addition to small tool boxes with basic do-it-yourself equipment, there are large tool boxes with several hundred parts and castors that can make the work of professional craftsmen much easier.

Why do you need the best tool box?

A good basic set of hand tools is important for anyone who likes to get things done themselves and does not want to rely solely on craftsmen. This not only includes the house and garden owner, but a rented apartment also offers enough scope to develop your own manual skills.

Now there are quite a few people with manual skills who have acquired a whole hodgepodge of hand tools, always tailored to their needs: a ratchet box or a set of wrenches for car repairs, then perhaps a hammer, spirit level, and screwdriver for renovating their first apartment.  

A good tool box not only allows you to work better and faster, but that work is simply more fun and motivates you to have more confidence. It is immensely satisfying when the right tool is at hand for every screw and you don't have to resort to poor water pump pliers or other suboptimal solutions for almost every movement.

What the best tool box should contain?

It is not possible to generalize what a good tool box should contain. Everyone has different preferences and everyone implements different tasks. While one prefers to use sockets and reversible ratchets, the other might use a ratchet wrench. But there are different tool cases for exactly that and you should pay close attention to the contents.

It is important to have a solid basic set of screwdrivers, pliers, and variable screwdriving tools. Open-end wrenches are essential, as they can reach places that some sockets and ratchets cannot. Open-end or ring wrenches are usually sufficient in the apartment.

Anyone who works on the vehicle should pay attention to high-quality ratchets and sockets.

If larger power transmission is required because screws are already rusty or require higher torque, socket wrenches cannot be avoided. 

In the workshop, there should therefore always be a toolbox with ratchets and socket wrenches or a separate socket box.

What are the best tool boxes today?

Here we bring you the 3 best tool boxes, according to verified user reviews.

Winner: Makita P-90532

The tool box P-90532 from Makita is equipped with 227 parts. It has two snap closures, each equipped with a lock to protect against theft. In addition, the case has extensive equipment:

  • 1x reversible ratchet with 49 socket wrench inserts from 4 to 32 millimeters
  • 12x open-end wrenches for diameters from 6 to 19 millimeters
  • 8x Allen keys in sizes 1.5 to 8 millimeters
  • 3x adapters for square and hexagon
  • 2x reversible ratchets in sizes ¼ and ½ inch

Runner-up: Vigor tool case V2542

Huge equipment for a still acceptable price. This makes every repair a piece of cake. If you want a practical compilation, the Vigor V2542 is a very good alternative to Makita. In addition to the most common tools, you will also find some practical surprises, such as a small flashlight. 

Car friends can also take a look because, with various chisels, several pin punches, and a center punch, the case is also well-positioned when it comes to cars.

Also good: KWB tool case 129 pieces

With a stable case and extra robust tools, the KWB tool box is particularly suitable for screwdrivers. If you do a lot of screwing in the workshop, where things sometimes get a bit rough, the toolbox is a good choice. Massive reversible ratchets, non-slip pliers, long Allen keys, an extra bit box, and a bendable bit holder with ratchet cover many jobs. 

Except for convertible circlip pliers, the tool box from KWB does not deal with any special work, but you are guaranteed to still have the tools in ten years.