Best Tool Belt Reviews 2022

VD February 02 2022

Whether you are a full-time technical worker or an enthusiast dad who loves to keep all his tools with him during some house maintenance, the tool belt will be your best buddy.

What can someone carry in their tool belt?

That's an excellent question. If you ask the same question from a tools enthusiast dad, he will probably answer that you can carry whatever you can fit in there. He might be accurate up to some extent as well. There are indeed tool belts out there that allow you to work in anything you like as well.

But professionally, there are only specific tools you can fit in certain belt columns. These prominent tools include a hammer, measuring tape, scribes, needle nose pliers, chalk line, torpedo level, nail sets, carpenter pencils, and many more.

Testing how long the tool belt will last

Of Course, we tested some of the prominent tool belts that are available in the market today. Our top 5 choices are described below, but you can get back to that portion afterward. To ensure that we leave no stone unturned when checking the belts, we gathered the best team of professional technicians who work with these belts daily.

They all tried these belts on with their specific tools to ensure that they would perform well no matter what. Here are the results we extracted,

Some excellent tool belts for the year 2022

1. DeWalt DG5372 12-pocket Carpenter’s Suede Apron

If you are on a low budget, the DeWalt DG5372 will be the perfect tool belt you can get from any major hardware store. The belt only costs around 45$, but the features it offers are on par with any 100$ belt out there. Indeed the number of features and columns aren't as much as an expensive belt. But still, it offers exceptional value for the money.

The belt comes with five main pockets, supported by seven small pockets. There are specific sleeve pockets available too to keep nails and carpenter pencils with you all the time as well.

2. McGuire Nicholas 767-E Contractor’s Apron

If you were looking for a class, this is the tool belt you should go with. You know, this belt gives the vibes of an old-school cowboy with that brown leather look. Plus, the minimalistic approach of the whole tool-carrying compartment is something most experts love.

The belt comes with a hammer tool on both sides of the belt. A significant advantage for the left-handed people who usually work with the hammer tool. Along with this, we have the usual tape pouch right where it usually is. Pretty convenient and easy to get along with design, right?

3. Klein Tools 42242K Tool Apron

The belt was designed mainly for the electrician. You know, as an electrician, there's a whole lot of tools you usually don't need. We are talking about hammers and irons of all sorts with an entire series of nails to place heavy stuff firmly on a surface.

So, instead of the regular heavy-duty leather appearance, the company went with the soft, easy-to-carry design with a couple of primary columns. The columns are large enough to place all the marking tools you might be needing as an electrician. You can also put the NCV detectors in there.

4. AWP HP General Construction Leather Belt Flip Pocket Tool Rig

This was like a personal favorite choice for most of our experts. You know, there's something about that dusky brown leather look that appeals to men of a particular age group. Plus, you can't imagine how amazing this belt even fits.

The carpenter belt design allows the user to hold all the major types of tools and nails within the multiple pockets of this belt. The supple bags are also absolutely amazing. There is so much space there where you can put almost anything you will need on the job.

5. Occidental Leather Green Building Farmer Tool Belt Set (B5625)

Last but not least. We are talking about the ultimate tool belt with all the rockstar properties of the previously described belts. Another reason why we kept the Occidental Leather Green Building Farmer Tool Belt Set for the last. But still, the 355$ price is something that even our experts don't like much.

Overall, the belt is a total rockstar. Like the belt's compartments alone has enough space to hold even the heaviest of the tools like a solid carpenter hammer and screwdrivers of all sizes and shapes. Plus, the belt doesn't feel stiff even with all the tool weight.