Best Tape Measure Reviews for 2022

VD February 02 2022

Whether you are a proper professional who uses measure tapes daily or a dad who loves to deal with tools, having a tape measure is like the basic foundation of your tool kit. But there are some factors you must consider before going with a particular tape measure,

Factors you should consider

1. Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the tape measure is quite an important feature to consider, especially if you will use the tape measure often. The ergonomics is not at all about the weight of the tape measure. Instead, it is more related to how the tape measure is designed and how it fits in your hand. 

Remember, if the tape measure fits perfectly in your hand without causing fatigue or pain, you should go with that tape measure without a second thought.

2. Hook design

Now, we are talking about the technical detail of the tape measure design. The hook is the tape measure area used to grip a certain edge once you begin taking the measurement. The better the hook design will be, the easier it will get to take measurements.

There are two basic types of hooks we get in tape measures today. The first one is the permanent grip that comes built-in, and you have to make it work no matter what. The second type of hook is the removable hook which can be changed according to the job dynamics,

3. Throw

This is an exciting feature that you can test on your own back at home. The throw of the tape measure means the distance it can cover once the tape measure is pulled right out. The more fluently the tape measure is pulled out, the better.

To help you get a better understanding of the usual mark that your tape measure should hit, you can mark the 8' distance as a mark. If the tape measure hits this distance through the first throw, it is good to go.

4. Visibility

Just think about it for a moment. What's the point of having a tape measure if you can't even properly see the markings over the tape that you need to estimate the overall length of the marked point? What happens when you don't check the marking visibility of the tape measure when you buy it.

Here’s a solid plan through which you can make sure that the tape measure you are buying has clear and visible measurement prints. Throw the tape measure up to the 8’ mark. If you can see the measurements, the tape throw is perfect visibility.

5. Clip design

Last but not least, this is the factor that gets the neglected most. We are talking about the clip design and how a solid clip design can enhance your experience with the tape measure by many folds. Remember, guys, when we are not using the tape measure, we will probably be keeping it clipped to our belts.

But let's say the clip design is not that great. What will happen? First, the clip can get loose this way, which can drop the tape measure any time, even breaking it into pieces. Second, a poor clip design can cause some actual irritation in the belt area.

Best tape measures for the year 2022

  • Empire Level 500AL Series Auto-Locking Tape Measure

Probably one of the most widely used 25' tape measures out there. For a price tag of 9.99 USD, the 500 AL comes with a lifetime warranty and a throw dynamic that's a total rockstar.

  • Rigid 25-ft Locking Steel Tape Measure

We have got another 25' tape measure on the list, guys. This time, we are talking about the Rigid Locking Stee Tape Measure with dual side blade printing. The tape measure is tested to survive 30 drops from a 10' ladder. That's more than enough to prove the durability of the tape measure.

  • Ryobi 25-ft Tape Measure

With an 8.97 USD price tag, the Ryobi 25-ft Tape Measure is the tape measure with the lowest price tag out there. Plus, the fractional markings and the highest excellent ergonomic design are something everyone out there appreciates. The warranty is, however, quite limited. But considering the overall durability dynamics of the tape measures, we don't think you might face a need to use your warranty in the first place for a very long time.


The best-performing tape measure is the basic foundation for your tool kit.  Choose it wisely and enjoy the improved performance!