Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Guide

VD October 10 2021

A self-propelled lawnmower relies on either gas or battery power for functioning without the person manually pushing the mower to cut the grass. It requires you to walk behind the machine and steer its position. 

Today, this tool has allowed people to save their extra time, effort, energy, and sweat from going into lawn mowing. 

Compared to the manual mower, you don't need to carry additional weight and push your body harder on self-propelled lawnmowers. It allows users to simply focus on having a sharp blade or tool that is designed for cutting blades of grass with minimal effort from the user.

With several self-propelled lawn mower models available in the market for commercial and residential use, let’s see what things you would need to consider for buying one.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

To find the best walk behind a mower, you must consider a few factors. 

Lawn landscape

If the landscape of your lawn is thoroughly straight, then you might consider a front-wheel-drive mower which is also less costly. 

But, if the surface includes steep slopes, minor inclines, or bumps, then getting a rear-wheel-drive mower would be a better option. It would provide you with excellent traction and maneuverability. However, it’ll be a bit expensive.   

Due to this reason, if you're not sure which type you should buy, it is wise to consider the landscape of your lawn. It will help you make a decision.


A gas-powered mower is more powerful than the electric one. It's faster, and it can easily cut through tougher grass than you might find in your backyard. But, it’s less portable than the battery-operated models that are quieter and lighter. Also, they're equipped with cord attachments that limit their range somewhat.   

The electric self-propelled lawn mowers are easier to push and provide full torque immediately unlike gas-powered units which take several seconds for full power to be generated once started up. If you want something much easier to use but don't care much about portability or noise level, then go for an electric model.      

Maneuverability & Capabilities 

After considering powered types, it is also important to look at the maneuverability and capabilities of different models. If you have a lot of obstacles in your yard such as trees, flower beds, or rocks, choose something with larger rear wheels that can help you overcome these obstacles.

As for lawnmower blades, there are two major types- spinning blades and cylinder blades. Spinning blades turn very fast but deliver a poor cut quality. On the other hand, if you use cylinder blade mowers, they’re much better when it comes to cutting grass. It minimizes the amount of debris left behind after cutting which is good for the health of your lawn. These mowers are good for mulching purposes too but not suitable for cutting taller grass.

If you have a small yard with less tall grass, then choosing spinning blade mowers is fine. But if your priority is to have cleaner cuts and healthier lawns, then go for the cylinder blades with sharp edges.

Size of the Mower

The size of the mower also matters greatly when it comes to self-propelled lawnmowers. You can choose four different sizes- lightweight (60-75 lbs.), medium (80-100 lbs.), heavy (over 100 lbs.), and extra heavy (over 120 lbs.). A medium-sized model would do great if you want something lighter but not too light either like lightweight models which are small in size and don’t cut thick or tall weeds well due to their limited power.  

People who need something powerful but still easy to push around, go for medium-sized mowers which are only slightly heavier than the lightweight ones. Heavy and extra-heavy models are suitable for large yards that require cutting tall thick weeds frequently. These mowers can also help you cut through wet or tough grass easily. These models are heavy in weight but relatively cheap too compared to other types of lawnmowers out there.


The price is another important factor you should consider when buying any self-propelled lawnmower. Prices vary widely with many different brands, sizes, features available on market today depending on their power source or use like commercial or residential use, etc. They range anywhere from $150 up to over $2000 for very heavy-duty commercial use mowers.

You should definitely buy something that you can afford, but keep in mind not to skimp too much on quality either. You may find cheaper models out there but they don't last very long and are made of cheap materials which are not very durable. They also have fewer features available. On the other hand, spending a few hundred more bucks could get you better stability, durability, performance, or even extra features for your money spent. So, try to set an appropriate budget for this purchase before heading to the market.

Size of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn is another thing that matters when it comes to buying a good self-propelled lawnmower. If the front yard and backyard path are quite long, then investing in a large-sized mower with a wide cutting deck would do great. On the other hand, if your yard is not very big and you need something for spot weed whacking purposes only, then go for small models that are lightweight and easy to carry around or store conveniently.

Noise Level

The noise level also matters because some people don't like hearing loud noises all day long while doing household work. If the noise gets on your nerves after some time, pick up something with lower decibel levels that are suitable for residential use. These types of lawn mowers are much quieter than the gas-powered ones but not as good as battery-powered mowers when it comes to ease of use. Gasoline-powered models are much louder but give you more power and longer runtime.

Adjustable speed settings 

The best walk behind mower offers adjustable speed settings to allow you to choose a fast or a slower pace according to your preference. 

A single-speed mower might run fast and quickly cut the thick grass evenly but having variable speed options helps you control the machine better. 

Easy start 

Self-propelled lawnmowers usually use two types of mechanisms for starting up.  The recoil type comes with a rope that needs pulling a cord, whereas the electric kind starts at a push of a button. So you might want to go for the electric type, given its convenience.

Wash-out ports

Some models incorporate wash-out ports that allow you to connect the water hose directly to it and clean up all the grass cuttings, clippings, and dirt with convenience. To get the best walk-behind mower, look out for this feature.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Finally, for ease of use and maintenance, go for the self-propelled lawnmowers which are much easier to push around because they have wheels or you can also opt for a model with an engine that is removable. So if you need to move it in your storage area without using any extra strength, just detach the engine and carry it out easily. That way, these types of models are well suited to be used by people who do not find themselves very strong due to age or any other reason. You should also consider buying a mower that requires fewer oil changes because these could become quite expensive over time especially if you don't know how to do it yourself.

To Sum Up

When buying a self-propelled lawnmower, make sure to take all the factors listed above into consideration, then look at the top-rated models available on Amazon and check customer reviews of each model you are interested in purchasing.   This way, you will be able to narrow down your search to just a few choices rather than looking through hundreds of different products out there. After that, think about what type of mowing job you need this for and which features would benefit your particular needs the most so that you can select a good mower within your budget range without spending too much or compromising quality. Once purchased, maintain it regularly by checking the oil levels every time before starting up and by cleaning the air filter regularly as well. This will ensure the smooth and flawless operation of your unit for a long time without any problems at all.

Best Self-propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

Before you rack your brain over what model would be the most reliable and efficient, let’s take a look at our top picks that can help you choose the best walk-behind mower. 

Honda HRC216HXA 21-inch Commercial Mower

Honda HRC216HXA is durable, reliable, and simply the best walk-behind mower, suitable even for commercial use. It allows precise and quick grass cutting without the stopping of the engine. Moreover, this model incorporates micro-twin blades and hydrostatic transmission, enhancing its performance providing you with a leveled grass lawn.  It is equipped with a blade brake clutch and can be quickly disassembled into 2 pieces for quick and convenient storage. You won’t find such features in an ordinary mower which makes this model worth every penny spent on it.


  • It is light enough so you won't break your back trying to push it around.
  • It cuts well, even through tall grasses and other types of tough weeds.
  • No gas or oil is needed, unlike other models.
  • It's fast enough for a walk-behind mower.


  • This model is quite expensive but the quality makes up for the price tag allowing you to use it for years without replacing any parts.


All in all, this model has everything that one would look for when buying a new mower plus Honda's amazing reputation as being one of the best brands on the market today making this product one of our top recommendations provided you can afford it financially speaking. If not, try looking at some cheaper alternatives that are featured in our reviews section.

Cub Cadet SC900 23-inch Self-Propelled Mower

Cub Cadet SC900 is the best walk-behind mower for residential use. The 196cc engine provides you with ultimate speed and excellent cutting performance. 

With the high fuel tank capacity, its efficiency increases. The quick-adjust handle gives you easy control over the machine. Also, the 4-year warranty is worth investing in this gas-powered lawnmower.


  • This model is fast and reliable, making it a good machine for both heavy-duty and light-duty mowing.
  • The combined high wheels make this model suitable even for uneven terrains
  • It's also self-propelled which makes the setup a whole lot easier


  • You'll have to buy a special gas can to fill up this lawn mower as there isn't one included in the package.


This is an excellent self-propelled mower that will serve you well for many years if you know how to take care of it properly after purchase. Also, bear in mind that Cub Cadet is known to produce some of the best models on the market today, backed with outstanding warranties.

Greenworks Commercial 25-inch Self-Propelled Mower

Greenworks is a Li-ion battery-powered self-propelled mower, best suited for the commercial side. Thanks to its SmartCut technology, the system detects thick and dense grass, increasing power to cut it precisely. 

The dual-port battery allows you to switch to the other battery, providing an ample runtime of 155 minutes. You can rely on Greenworks for delivering high performance given its 4,500 RPM speed. It provides efficient maneuverability due to its light weight and compact size which makes it easy to transport. Moreover, this model is equipped with a brushless motor that can also serve you for many years without any problems.


  • The battery life is out of this world, providing you with 155 minutes of non-stop mowing on only one charge.
  • You won't have to deal with any type of electric cords or annoying outlets while using this machine.


  • This lawnmower may be too lightweight for some people who prefer a powerful gas-powered engine instead.


All in all, the Greenworks Commercial 25-inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower wordlessly and will impress even the most experienced users. If you're looking for a commercial-grade lawn mower, then this model is definitely worth considering as it will serve your needs perfectly no matter the situation.

EGO 56V Select Cut 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower

EGO 56V provides you with six adjustable heights to provide you with comfort while controlling this lawnmower. It offers you variable speed to pick up the pace according to your choice. With 60 minutes of runtime, this grass-cutting machine provides excellent performance for home use. 

EGO 56V has a 21-inch deck, while 3-in-1 functions include mulching, bagging, and side discharge. Furthermore, the LED lights allow you to mow your lawn in the dark.


  • Variable speed gives you more control over this model
  • The LED lights allow you to mow your lawn even in the dark or early in the morning.


  • This is not a self-propelled machine, which means that it might be too hard for some people to push around. 


EGO 56V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is an excellent choice both for beginners and experienced users. It is agile, fast, and powerful with outstanding battery life so overall it provides great value for money. You can definitely expect years of trouble-free use out of this product!

Final Thoughts​​ 

Finding the best walk-behind lawnmower can be a daunting task, given the sheer number of models on the market. Hopefully, our top picks can help you decide on a suitable self-propelled lawn mower and get on with cleaning that unruly grass lawn right away.