Best Power Tool Combo Kit

VD February 02 2022

The chances are that you are already a tool enthusiast if you are going through this article. It is always a better idea to switch to the era of battery-operated tools finally.

How do we decide on the best option?

Before we guide you further about the best possible power tool combo kit, you should be fully aware of the criteria through which we sorted out all these fantastic tools in the first place. 

The first fantastic factor that we considered was the widespread use of the tools and whether they will work according to your requirements.

Portability was also a significant reason that affected our choice. What’s the point of having the power tool of your choice if you can’t simply take it with you wherever you go? 

Time to take a look at the six all-time best tool combo kits you should try out,

1. Craftsman V20 6-Tool power Tool Combo

Most of you might get surprised by this, but this tool kit costs only 299 USD! We are using the world only because the tools you are getting in this price tag are perfect for this price tag.

The kit includes the signature Craftsman V20 CMDC700 Drill and Craftsman V20 saw series, and a Craftsman signature LED work light, plus a couple of Craftsman-specific work power tools that you will be loving. All the Craftsman tools also come with 2Ah batteries for power support.

2. Kobalt XTR 5-Tool 24V Max Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit w/Hard Case

According to experts, Kobalt has something unique in there. It has been quite some time since the first-ever Kobalt power tool was launched in the market. But in all these years. Kobalt ensured that the company only grew in its productivity and popularity in everyday life usage.

The Kobalt XTR 5-Tool 24V Max Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit comes with a solid price tag of 449 USD. Quite some price to pay indeed. But the performance of the Kobalt power tools overshadows the price up to quite some extent. Now that’s is what we call reputation.

3. Ryobi PSBCK06K One + HP 18V Brushless 6-Tool Combo Kit

A tool kit that will be the number one choice of professionals from every field of technical domains. This shows how versatile yet super practical the Ryobi power tool kit is. The kit contains six high-end power tools with HP brushless motors.

Even with a heavy-duty pack of 6 fantastic power tools, the whole Ryobi PSBCK06K One + HP 18V, Brushless 6-Tool Combo Kit comes with a moderate price tag of 399 USD. Now that's something not everyone can get these days at such an affordable price. Plus, how can we avoid the Ryobi warranty as well?

4. Ridgid R9652 18V 5-Tool Combo Kit

If you are looking for absolute power and dominance in the form of a tool, the best possible option you can opt for is the Ridgid tool kit. This tool kit is like a full powerhouse packed with absolute beast tools that will perform no matter what.

Plus, here's the unique part, the kit is priced at an affordable price of 399 USD only. Well, that's something no one would want to miss. Also, the tool kit is supported with a 3-year official warranty offered by Rigid, which includes damage coverage for any of the tools.

5. Bosch GXL 18V-496B22 4pc Combo Kit

How can we possibly conclude the list of best power tool combo kits you can get from the market today without even including the Bosch combo kit in it? The company's name alone is enough to promote quality and reliability among the possible owners of the tool kit.

Amazingly, Bosch included their signature freak impact driver as well. For 399 USD, it just seems too good to be true! The company also made sure that the tools included in the tool kit come with a solid warranty and refund if, in any case, the device is damaged.

6. Milwaukee 2998-25 M18 FUEL 5-Tool Combo Kit

Last but not least, we have got the Milwaukee 2998-25 M18 combo kit. This kit is more of an all-rounder for all the fabulous kits described earlier. Comparatively, the Milwaukee tool kit is also quite extensive and diverse regarding the number of tools included in the tool kit. 

Without a doubt, these tools are excellent in their performance and everything. But the 905 USD price tag is not something everyone can afford.