Best Laser Distance Measurers

VD February 02 2022

The long-serving measuring tape has a new friend in the form of the modern laser distance measurer, with which many things can be measured quickly: the distance to the opposite wall of the room, for example, the gap between two pieces of furniture, or the entrance to your garage. 

What is a laser distance measurer?

Laser distant measurers, also known as laser measuring tape, are handheld devices that use a laser beam to measure a distance. Various settings such as the unit of length can be changed.

Laser distant measurers are most commonly used on construction sites, but laser measuring tape devices are also very popular with do-it-yourselfers in the private sector. Laser rangefinders are also required in various other trades. 

The devices are used wherever distances have to be measured. A room renovation, interior design, building a house, gardening, and other such applications are common use cases for laser measuring tape.

What features to look for in laser distance measurer

Since laser distance measurers come in a wide variety of price ranges, you should know which functions you need and which you don't.

Simple distance measurement

If you only want to measure the distance between two points, you can confidently use any of the models in our comparison. Because this is the basic function of a laser measuring tape and this is mastered by all the devices presented here.

Area and volume calculations

With the help of area and volume calculations, you can also determine the square and cubic meters of a room. A good laser measuring tape does this work automatically. This way you can find out how much material you need for the new floor. You can also use this function to calculate the expected number of wallpapers and the amount of wall paint.

Addition and subtraction

A very useful function of a laser measuring tape if you want to find out the overall length of the new baseboards, for example. You measure all the walls in turn with the laser measuring device and the tool finally calculates the total length of all the walls.

Best laser distance measurers

LOMVUM Laser Rangefinder Distance 50M - Accuracy of 1 millimeter

With the LOMVUM laser distance measurer, you can take accurate measurements over a distance of up to 50 meters. Equipped with a few special features, this device meets the highest standards if you want to carry out renovation work. 

Not only can you determine distances, but the LOMVUM laser measuring tape can also calculate the volume or area of ​​a room. To ensure the most accurate measurement possible, the product displays the angle to the ground, eliminating the need for a spirit level.

LOMVUM laser distance measurer is protected against dust and splashes of water. This means that you have the optimum measuring device at hand in almost all environments. Due to its compact design, it fits in almost every pocket. 

LOMVUM laser measuring tape automatically remembers the last 20 sets of data, you can easily access it via the menu function and jump back and forth between the 20 measurements. This eliminates the hassle of writing down the results.

Bosch GLM 50 C Professional laser rangefinder with Bluetooth

Bosch laser range finder GLM 50 C

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Bosch laser distance measurer GLM 50 C

The Bosch GLM 50 C is a device from the professional sector that has a Bluetooth interface so that the results can be transferred directly to your smartphone via an app. This also makes further digital processing possible. The measuring device has a range of 50 meters and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 millimeters.

The color display can be rotated and is therefore very easy to use. Thanks to the 360-degree inclination sensor, you can also use laser measuring tape as a digital spirit level to measure inclinations. A simple target graphic allows easy reading of the measured values.

To use the Bluetooth function, you need the Measuring Master app, which is available free of charge. With the help of the app, you can add the measured values ​​to photos of the construction site and thus ensure good documentation.  

Kaleas LDM 500-60 professional laser distance measurer with a very large display

Kaleas professional laser distance measurer has a very fast response time. The manufacturer claims to be able to show the result on the display in less than 1 second after starting the measurement. 

Kaleas laser measuring tape can be used to measure distances, areas, and volumes without any problems. The range is 60 meters, the accuracy +/- 1.5 millimeters. You can even carry out measurements in inaccessible places. 

With the Kaleas laser distance measurer, you can also add or subtract different measured values ​​without having to pull out a calculator. A total of 32 memory locations are available for the measurements. The display is very large and can be read even in difficult lighting conditions thanks to the backlight. Calibration is automatic.