Best Cordless Circular Saws 

VD February 02 2022

A cordless hand-held circular saw should not be missing in either a professional or private workshop. With this saw, you are mobile and can easily cut even thick wood. Whether you just saw a board to size or want to tackle longer projects, you are always well advised to use a hand-held circular saw.

Tip: To ensure that nothing gets in your eyes while you work, you should wear gloves, hearing protection, and safety goggles.

What to pay attention to when choosing a circular saw

With a large battery charge, you can work for several hours at a time and do not have to charge the battery after just a few work steps.

A high speed enables easy and smooth cutting, even of thick wood or materials such as aluminum.

You can also cut thick material with a large saw blade. You no longer need to use a handsaw to saw through thick logs.

The best cordless circular saws today

  • Makita 18V X2 Rear-Handle Circular Saw XSR01

Now, this is the ultimate circular saw one can get. When we were testing it, there was possibly no other circular saw that could even get closer to the Makita X2 in terms of performance. The most fantastic part is the crazy fan following this particular circular saw. 

We conducted a review where most of the users voted that the Makita X2 is the best possible circular saw out there. The overall work dynamics are excellent, but the machine's minimum voice production is the absolute rockstar. You won't even notice if the device is working or not.

  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw 2732

Compiling a list of all-time excellent circular saws and not including a Milwaukee M18 is something that's not possible, guys, to be sincere. The Milwaukee M18 is the ultimate choice among circular saws used on a professional scale. It's like you can trust Milwaukee no matter what.

More amazingly, one significant feature of the M18 makes it a true rockstar. The sidewinder of the M18 is truly remarkable. The subtleness of the circular saw is something not every manufacturer can achieve. Plus, the official company warranty is also quite impressive.

  • Makita 18V X2 LXT Rear-Handle Circular Saw XSR01

If you are looking for an ultimate cordless circular saw, what's the first concern that will pop up in your mind? We asked this question in a survey as well, and the majority of the users were worried about the price tag of the circular saw more than anything.

Considering similar circumstances, the Makita X2 was designed to be the ultimate budget circular saw one can get. Fortunately, the circular saw could achieve this title in no time. You can get this fantastic rear-handle saw for 199 USD for the tool and 349 USD for the complete kit.

  • Kobalt 24V XTR Brushless Circular Saw KXCS 124B-03.

It's like Kobalt one day woke up and decided to shake the circular saw manufacturing industry for once and all. The launch of the XTR 24V lineup was indeed a revolution. The cordless saw was designed to knock down some real solid doors no matter who's using it.

The very compatible nature of the circular saw makes it unique. Today, the tool is going to cost you only 149 USD. This is a solid price tag gap between the 24V XTR and the octane model. However, ergonomics can still be improved.

  • Makita 18V X2 LXT Rear-Handle XSR01

We have got another Makita in the house! This shows how strong the Makita lineup is and its popularity among users since its launch. The Makita 18V X2 has sentimental values even for the manufacturing company. It was the very first cordless model and came with a rear-handle orientation.

The circular saw is super lightweight. The total weight of the saw is just 12.6 pounds! And this includes two 5 Ah batteries. Among circular cordless saws, the Makita X2 is one of the few models that fit perfectly within the standard weight limit.

  • Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw C3607DA

In the end, we have got the ultimate deal for you. The saw contains all the fantastic features of an ideal circular saw! Yes, we are talking about the Metabo HPT circular saw. If there is one thing that elevates this circular saw to a new level of exceptionalism, it's the overall weight of the saw.

The saw weighs around 9.6 pounds, including the battery packs. Yes, we are talking about the weight of the saw and not the battery packs alone.