A Review of Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System

VD October 10 2021

Every handyman is on the lookout for better ways of storing, protecting, and transporting the tools from one place to another. A number of products have been designed and developed by power tool manufacturers to tackle this problem. Some companies developed tougher solutions, while others went for the design solutions, but in reality, it is never easy to find a job site storage solution that offers not only complete protection but also the option of organizing things up.

Although companies like Bosch, Makita, and Dewalt have made their names in excellent products for job site storage, another company has now been added to the mix. Milwaukee offers an entirely new storage solution known as Milwaukee Packout and has a number of features that make it prominently stand out from the competition.

Milwaukee Packout storage products

The initial Milwaukee Packout storage system has eight products, including two organizers, three toolboxes, and three storage totes. All of these items are specially built by keeping in mind the organization, convenience, and durability. After their initial products, Milwaukee Packout system has seen an exponential expansion. 

Milwaukee Packout features

Interior design tray

The interior design tray of Milwaukee Packout is one of the favorite features of this Packout storage system, and it becomes convenient when you have to store away some smaller items in its storage system. It makes you feel more organized, whereas the trays are removable, so even if you have smaller or bigger tools, you can fit them all.

Stacking design

Milwaukee Packout storage system has a unique stacking design, and this makes it relatively easy to stack all of them together. This particular system stands out from the competition because the majority of the storage system stacking designs are typical. Milwaukee Packout makes it relatively easy to interlock everything together.


The durability of the Milwaukee Packout storage system is its best feature, as it is capable of holding 200 lbs. Its design is durable, and many handymen would love to take this tool storage with them when traveling. People feel confident when going outdoors on the job site because they are sure that all the tools are safe inside Milwaukee Packout.

Environmental issues

The Packout system has been developed in such a way that there is minimal environmental impact and, at the same time, maximum protection to tools and equipment. Being able to stack multiple units on top of each other means less storage space wasted and more efficient use of available resources.


Milwaukee understands the need to keep downtime for repairs to a minimum level. That's why all vital components like hinges, latches, locks, etc., come with an extra set (per component), so if they wear out or break down over repeated usage, you can replace it without having to go back home and get your toolbox repaired.  The best part about replacement parts is that they are easy to find even when you are out on a job site.

Ease of use

All Packout storage solutions have been designed keeping the ease of usage in mind, making it easier for users to access their tools and equipment without having to look for them. The best part about this product is that once you have used the system for a while, you will be able to find what you need just by touch!

Better organization

With all parts neatly fitted together on a single base unit, the Milwaukee Packout system offers better organization not only on-site but also at home or in your workshop. There is an excellent chance that all your accessories and tools may end up being misplaced if they are not properly organized. But with Milwaukee's new design concept, you are able to find the right piece of equipment within seconds. Whether you are looking for a drill or a hammer, keeping in mind the different compartments and sections, Milwaukee Packout makes it easy to find what you are looking for by giving instant access.

Improved productivity

When all your tools and equipment are neatly placed together on one platform, no matter how large or small, they will be more accessible than ever before. This means that instead of spending time jumping up and down ladders searching for that wrench under your toolbox, you can work more efficiently because retrieval times will be cut down dramatically.


As job site storage is an integral part of making life more accessible and helps you be effective and efficient, the best storage solution can also help you move all the tools around quickly. With the help of the Milwaukee Packout, you can easily transport different types of tools from one place to the other, whereas its storage system protects the tools and helps you become much more organized.


Can one stand on the Milwaukee Packout?

There are short interlocking channels that the Packout relies on, which are molded into the tops and the bottoms and bags. This connection system is known as Mod-Lock by Milwaukee, and the Packout is strong enough to stand on.

Is the Milwaukee Packout system waterproof?

The Milwaukee Packout features an IP65 rating weather seal to keep out the rain and the job site debris. Their rolling toolbox is fully compatible with the modular storage products of Milwaukee Packout.

Is it possible to lock the Milwaukee Packout?

One of the most innovative features of Milwaukee Packout is that each of them gets a lock to each other. This can be very handy when you are transporting the hardware and tools from one place to the other or around the job site.