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Our website longcountyboc.com is dedicated to helping people choose quality tools and we hope to help you make the right choice using our website and articles. It is about tools and we will give a review and comparison of tools, equipment, or other products that might be useful for you or at least informative.

The difference between our website and many other review websites is that we do not only want to compare them, but also explain why one product is better than another. We believe that it should be very easy to find the right tool if the user only knows what he really needs!

Different kinds of tools are used for different purposes. For example, a sharp knife is used to tackle little cutting jobs, while a chainsaw would be used for felling trees. Similarly, the modern carpenter's toolbox contains many hand tools that can be operated with one hand because they are small enough to get into tiny corners. Some are designed primarily for use by either professionals or amateurs, some are intended for professional use only ("Pro" tools in Canada and the USA). That's why we will do our best to review both 'amateur' and 'professional' products in order to provide you with complete information in this area so you can make an informed decision before buying any product. And it always helps if you understand your needs before making a purchase.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals. We hope our passion and love for tools will help you make the right choice and we want to help people choose quality tools.

What we do

We review tools. We explain what the product is, how it works and why it's better than other products on the market. Sometimes we describe some aspects of using the tool, sometimes not. The website is constantly growing with new articles about all kinds of tools so please follow us if you want to be informed about cool new stuff under the sun :) And don't forget to bookmark us!


Our mission is to help you choose the product that will best meet your needs and preferences and to find the right tool to make your life easier.

We are interested in the following categories:

  • Tools reviews
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  • Construction tools
  • Professional tools reviews and comparisons

We believe that you will find our website useful and interesting, loyal to the original idea of review websites, we only provide an opinion, which is always based on facts. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or supplier, nor do we accept paid content from advertisers (this rule exists in order to protect this website's neutrality). You can contribute by sending your own reviews about tools via email; it's free for everyone! Our main goal is to help users make informed decisions when choosing tools, equipment, or any other product. This site provides the information needed to make those good choices - whether you are looking for "tools" or anything else.

Feel free to check out our articles and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you. Your feedback will help us continue providing REAL information about tools so please share your thoughts with us.

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